Make-up Haul: October 6, 2012

Since I’m in a bit of a hurry, I cannot post a full review today. Especially those that are on the pipeline. They require loads of time and proof-reads. So for today, I will share with you my latest haul from Tony Moly.

And I have a perfect reason why I purchased this items. Promise, it’s not me being a hoarder or anything. Not out of stress.


… I take back that last sentence. Because I had to go work on a Saturday AND Sunday, and should be in the office early on Monday. Sheesh.

I’m running out of facial foams. My current one, The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam is at its last breath. I’ve already cut it in half just this morning, so expect to be finished by Friday or so. I bought Floria Flower Energy Foam Cleanser as its successor in my beauty ritual. I chose this since it’s brightening and the SA said it was their best seller facial foam. I know, I know, SA’s suggestion again.

For my facial scrub, I chose Perfect Micro Scrub Foam. My current facial scrub, St. Ives Apricot Scrub – Brightening, is about to be cut in half. Why I chose this? Since this is the only scrub foam available that day.


Ok, I know I bought this not out of the need. Well. Maybe not. Technically, I don’t much lip color in pink/very pink. They are mostly coral, peach and red. Berry Berry Lovely Slip Lip Stick caught my eye since it was Pink (Pink 01), cute packaging, and cheap. I need to reach P1,000 in order to get a freebie and this is the cheapest one I can go that I want. I don’t fancy nail colors, you see.


And for my P1,000 freebie – a cute green headband! They were out of Tony Tints in sampler size, and I’m one of their most avid customers so they were nice enough to give me this.

Thank you Tony Moly for being so generous!


This would be my first time to try any skin care related from Tony Moly. Please be nice to my skin, ok?


Will those be my new HG facial foam and scrub? I hope so too.

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