Haru’s Random Thoughts: No, I am not posting just because I am lazy to do so

I know I’ve been inconsistent with my posts lately since I’m right smack in the middle of the project. Crunched timelines, testing and documentation. And surrounded by horrible, non-functioning people who sucks out the energy and life force from you.

I haven’t got any decent sleep since Sunday, for pete’s sake. No tantamount of concealer, foundation and primer can hide my dark circles on my skin. >.< And I’d rather go bare faced than wear tons of make-up on while burning the midnight oil. I’m not in some sort of social gathering, anyway.


Big thanks to my brother for driving me to work (and not chatting with me) so I can take a nap for an hour or so.

I hope this will be done soon so: 1) I’d get some sleep and more time for my personal-family life, 2) catch up with my friend over our work-in-progress stories, 3) manage blogs, and 4) shop for stuff!


Christmas season is starting and I haven’t gone to any of the weekend events yet. 😦


I hope to get this done soon. I feel so light-headed. A little more push, and we’re almost done, I hope. And pray.


On the brighter side of things: my car is fixed (again). Hope to get it by Sunday! Wee!!!!! I wish you wouldn’t show any damage again. XD I missed it so much!



I WANT A VACATION!!! Short road trip, anyone?

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