Tony Moly: Berry Berry Lovely Slim Lipstick in Pink 01 Review

I know I’ve been out for the longest time. And I’m not entirely sure when I will resume my regular updates and reviews. We finally had our weekend (just Sunday, but hey, good enough).  So how have you been? What I did at my only day-off after going to work for 13 days straight (and coming home extremely late for 7 nights) was go to Bonifacio Highstreet in Taguig. I went to Muji with my mom and little brother. Mujji has skin care and make-up (and yes, I bought something)! I’ll show you their pamphlets on a later date. We also ate sushi and drank milk tea at Red Kimono. But more of that in a different post.


I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve passed by Tony Moly and picked up a few items. One of them is the Berry Berry Slim Lipstick in Pink 01.

I know, I don’t need another lip item in my collection. But I just gotta have this color. I don’t have pink yet. And the packaging is to drool for!


Plus, it was the last piece at the store, and I need to get P1,000 to get a prize. Talk about pressure!

Tony Moly didn’t say much about this lipstick. Either that or I just can’t understand it. Click here for details in Korean. There are apparently 5 colors, but I’ve only had seen 3 of them in the mall store here. And they have this very, very cute packaging. I got mine for P228 ($5.50). Not bad.

That’s not where you open to get your lipstick. That’s just the very cute end of the item. Isn’t it so pretty?

One thing I find very interesting about this item was its width. It’s so darn thin! Imagine how many swipes you need just to cover you lip. Its mechanism works the same with ordinary lipsticks, twisting the neck so the lipstick would come out.


This lipstick is actually scented. It smelled like, well, berries. The sweet kind (but not the icky sweet kind). Those sensitive with scents might opt this one out since the smell lingers even after application. I honestly don’t like the smell. I find it too sweet and fragrant for my taste.

Upon application, it has minimal color pay-off but not buildable. It is quite subtle on my dark lips. Those with lighter colored lips would love this more than I do. It made me look horrible. Or I just don’t know how to wear pink lipsticks like some people.

Wear time? Very little. It’s not your hardcore lipsticks. This one lasts 4 hours max. But if you tend to lick your lips (btw, it has this synthetic berry taste), it won’t last you that long.


This is a good lipstick to those who are starting out their journey in the make-up world, but definitely not a keeper for those who have tons of lip colors.


I may buy the other colors and might give this one I have another try. I would really like to love it since it’s so pretty packaging-wise but… But… I have tons of lip colors and last long ones. Just lucky that I don’t have one in pink so I get to keep you.


Alas, pink doesn’t go well with me. Tangerine, Coral and Red does. Sigh! But I want to be good with pink too.


How about you? Crazy for pink lip colors?


There isn’t any ingredients found with this lip stick, but here’s the back anyway. In case you can understand Korean.


On other items. I finally had started to use  Floria Flower Energy Foam Cleanser. So far, nothing bad is happening to me.




4 thoughts on “Tony Moly: Berry Berry Lovely Slim Lipstick in Pink 01 Review

  1. ^o^!!!!! TONYMOLY!<3 yay! I'm so happy to see someone else do a korean product review. It seems like everyone always shows MAC and i love mac but 500 reviews of their lipstick just a different shade gets boring @___@ lol 😀 but i didn't say that! Anyway~

    D: oh please don't give up your blog! ;~; i like your blog. there are not many people who blog about korean products.. i think i know two or three others. -___-;;;;; i would miss it!

    Dear gosh you have been working long hours ._. I dont think i could do that. After 4 days I get exhausted. … though it's normally 4 twelve hour days but still @__@

    ahhh your day sounds so fun :3 I am not sure where those places are but it sounds adventurous! ^_^

    wow! so inexpensive .___. I will have to try that! i love the color but i'm sorry it didn't work for you 😦

    Most of my lipsticks only last an hour or two if i'm lucky. I see people saying 'oh this lasts 12 hours!' and i do not believe them for a minute XD

    Pinks fit me better because my skin color is really fair and i have blond hair. Reds look too fake on me so i've never owned a red. I really want to learn how to make my lips super glossy like in korean ads. XD I will learn that before the year is out!!!



    1. Can’t do MAC since it’s too expensive here! I can buy loads of Korean products with the same amount of money. Aw, I’m touched. I’m not giving up my blog. I’ve just got super busy, but will try my very best to post in a more consistent manner. 😀 I actually have over 50+ stuff in my inventory. >:)

      I’ve been working on an average from 7Am until 11PM or up to 2AM for 7 nights straight. It’s insane!

      Those places are like strip malls here. I bet you’d love Muji, but it’s a Japanese store. I love going there! So clean and tidy. 😀

      If you do get the lipstick, I hope you’ll like it. But don’t expect it to hold long! I barely did anything to have it last approx 4 hours. And layered a lot of it. Hahaha! But if you want hardcore wear time, try lip tints. 😀 I hope this pink will match you. I don’t understand how Nicki Minaj rocks the pink lip despite all odds. 😦

      Here’s a technique you may want to try to get those super glossy lips: 1) Lip balm 2) Lip tint 3) Lip gloss with shimmer (if your lip tint is liquid). Hope you do achieve it. 😀


      1. oh god please don’t mention nicki minaj @____@ </3 ah! XDDDDD

        where on earth do you work that has shifts like that? ;~; don't burn yourself out!

        I will try the liptints ^__^ thanks for the hints! ooo! thank you for telling me the gloss trick too 😀 I will try!!!


        1. Whoops! I’m amazed how she rocks it. XD

          We’re running after a deadline. Everyone’s burned out. Haha. XD

          Hope it works for you. 😀


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