Etude House: Surprise Essence Concealer in #01 Light Beige Review

I’ve been out for the longest time. So sorry about that! It’s been crazy lately. Actually, I’m supposed to go home as early as I can today since I have to go somewhere tonight. But due to unfortunate (and supposedly avoidable if everyone cooperated well) circumstances, I HAVE to go home late. Yes, I am bitter. Extremely bitter that no words can describe the anger and hatred that I am feeling. I’m extra cold today because of that. Grr.

Since I am waiting for the programmers to finish their stuff, I get to post. Should I be happy? I frankly don’t know. Still reallyyyyy bitter.


I think I have already mentioned before how horrible my dark circles are. To a point that I look like I have a blackeye (only this one, on both) especially when my allergies are getting the worst out of me. So, I found myself going to Etude House to find a good and affordable concealer.

You shall be surprised how cheap (in a good way) this thing is.


Here’s what Etude House has to say about this concealer:

  • Liquid concealer containing the essence moist tip type
  • Expressed in smooth skin
  • Moist without dryness
  • High Tenacity

How to use: Makeup Base, Foundation, BB Cream after use. Smooth imperfection parts.


Just got those from a banner somewhere from the internet. This product doesn’t say much, really. They come in 2 colors: #1 is Light Beige while #2 is Natural Beige. I got the lighter one since it matches me more. I’m not that white, but quite acidic. Plus, the SA suggested I get the lighter one due to my complexion (yes, SA again). I got mine for P298 (approximately $7.20), having 7g in a tube. Not bad!

The tube is pretty small and thin. Quite easy to bring around with you, which is loves!

The applicator comes in a wand form, similar to tubed liquid lipglosses, but a bit smaller. It serves its function well, but not more than that.

Here’s the concealer dotted on the side of my hand. The concealer is very creamy on my hand. It has this slight perfumey smell, which lingers around, but mostly cosmetic-ish smell. Not good for those with sensitive noses.

Color-wise, it’s good at diffusing my dark circles. BUT this concealer only provides light coverage. Good for days that you just need to run some errands and barely has time to do any prepping up. This is also good for those who has minor problems that needs to be evened out. For heavier coverage, you might need to blend this with another concealer. This one doesn’t go that far in terms of cover-up darker circles (like mine). 


Frankly, this gets my go signal. Cheap, easy to tote around due to its size and easy to blend. This is recommended for younger skin with minimal problems, and those people with lesser problems. But those who want heavier coverage may want to go look somewhere else.


After a few months, I did find myself purchasing another tube. I never got to finish my first one since I don’t wear make-up everyday. It reached its expiry since it had this funky scent. I love reaching this out of my make-up kit since it’s easy to use and all. But it doesn’t cover my dark circles completely. Just lightens, which is ok for a more natural look.


I wonder. When will my dark circles leave me alone?



How about you? What’s your favorite light-weight concealer?


For those interested with the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you. It didn’t come in with my concealer. But here’s the back part in case you can read Korean.

6 thoughts on “Etude House: Surprise Essence Concealer in #01 Light Beige Review

  1. yayyyyyyy etude house! 😀 wow that is really inexpensive… ._. nice! :3
    I can’t use consealer or foundation, but i’m glad it works for you. I’m not sure dark circles ever leave. I’ve tried eye creams, sleeping for long amounts of time, and still, nothing seems to work—though it does improve with these things.


    1. Why can’t you use concealers? I know, they have this hobby of sticking around. 😦 I wish they’d just disappear one day.


      1. anything on my skin with a pigment will irritate it. I’m not sure why. I love bb creams, but i can’t use them except on special occasion. There are two brands that swear to get rid of acne and i would love to try them, but i dont have a spare $100 just to try it out and have it not work. lol even primers irritate me. XD ah!


        1. $100?!?! Insane! You could have bought tons of stuff with that amount. That’s pretty sad to hear. But you can go away with lippes, right?


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