Etude House: Aloha Two Two Kiss in #1 Hawaii Ray Pink and #3 Tropical Lime Red Review

Happy Monday everyone! I finally got both of my weekends for myself and not for work. Yipee! Bad part is I got sick. It started to be a sore throat last Friday night, and now it’s grown to be a cough. Great. And should the extreme overtime continue, I might have to avail a sick leave by the end of the week. On the bright side, I finally get to use my mascara from Majolica Majorca and my blush and eyeshadow from Beauty Credit. You should see them soon, still need to further use them to produce good reviews. 🙂


Since I want to create a cheerful atmosphere despite my current state, I shall be posting about Etude House’s Aloha Two Two Kiss. Now doesn’t that sound so vacation-like?

No real motive why I bought them other than they look so darn good and unique. And it’s rare to find a yellow and blue gloss. These two had been sticking around my make-up bag for the longest time.


Aloha Two Two Kiss is part of Etude House’s previous summer line – Aloha. I know, reviewing a summer line during the Christmas season. Aloha Two Two Kiss is modeled as a tint and a pencil in one, which makes the purchase even more worth while aside from the fact that it’s cute. You’re getting 2 products for a price of one! There are around 4 pencils in the line:

  • #1 Hawaii Ray Pink
  • #2 Hula Hula Sandy Pink
  • #3 Tropical Lime Red
  • #4 Honolulu Shine Red (best seller in the mall store)


I’ve gotten #1 and #3 because I need unique pieces in my make-up and not the same colors as the others. Technically, the best one in the pack would be the #4. Each pencils cost around P398 (roughly $9.60) which is not bad since you’re paying for 2 already.


How it works: First you apply the tint side on your lips, then you put on top of it the gloss. Simple, huh?


Here’s my lip tints and glosses up close. Let’s start with #1 Hawaii Ray Pink.

This is the tint side of the #1 of the line. It’s in rosy pink color.


This would be its gloss counterpart. If you noticed, it’s blue with shimmer. Don’t be irked out, it’s not that blue upon application. In fact, it’s very very subtle.


Next, #3 Tropical Lime Red.


Here’s the tint part of #3. Frankly speaking, I don’t see this as red. It has this more of coral hue upon application.


And for the gloss part, it’s yellow! As opposed to the blue gloss earlier, this one doesn’t have any sparkle in it.


Now for the swatches:


L-R: #1 Hawaii Ray Pink (Blue gloss, Pink Tint) and #3 Tropical Lime Red (Yellow Gloss, Red Tint).


Upon application, you would notice that they produce this berry smell. Both pencils have the same note in the berry scent, but differs a little in terms of sweetness. I find Hawaii Ray Pink a lot sweeter than Tropical Lime Red, but the latter has a stronger smell than the former. The smell lingers for a while before it completely goes away. So sensitive noses would be irked by this. In my opinion, I don’t like their scent.

Color pay-off, it’s very subtle. I had to rub a lot harder just to get those colors on my swatch. It’s light as if it’s not there. This is favorable on the days that you’d just want to go out with light make-up. Perfect for summer or on hot days. But, don’t expect it to have good lasting powers. I barely notice them on me after 2 hours. So you find yourself retouching from time to time.


One complaint I have with this product is the cap easily falls off! I had to find a good make-up pouch that can fit these pencils snugly and wouldn’t have to lose the caps.


Due to its pencil design, you can actually sharpen it with a sharpener. It didn’t come with a sharpener so you’re on your own on this one. I haven’t tried sharpening mine since I haven’t located a sturdy one just yet. The pencil is made out of plastic so be careful sharpening them.


This is recommended for those who are starting with make-up and on days you’d want to go light on make-up. It’s a fun and novel product to keep, but I don’t see myself purchasing them again nor the other colors.


How about you? Did you find these pencils interesting?


For those that would want to know the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you. It didn’t come in with my pencils.



3 thoughts on “Etude House: Aloha Two Two Kiss in #1 Hawaii Ray Pink and #3 Tropical Lime Red Review

  1. wow i would be so afraid to use the blue hehehehe it’s nice that it’s not too vibrant though! good shimmer! ^____^

    I am coming by to let you know I have changed my blog name to better fit what I blog about. ^___^ the new name is so you can update following links and what not. Hope you’re doing well :3


    1. Blue’s really, really subtle. Just sad that they don’t last long.

      Thanks for the update! I just checked it out, and my following link is updated. 😀


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