L’Oreal: Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara in Black Review

My first mascara ever was bought from a warehouse sale 2 years ago. I never really understood the importance of mascaras, but picked it up anyway since I didn’t have one in my collection.

Will this change my outlook with mascaras?

Here’s what L’Oreal has to say about this mascara:

Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara provides astronomical length, perfect definition, and a clump-free end result. The patented No Clump Brush clearly defines lashes and lengthens up by 50%

  • Ophthalmologist-tested and allergy-tested
  • Removes easily with soap and water
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Fragrance-free


Since I got it during a warehouse sale, it only costed me around P150 ($3.60), I think. Pretty cheap, huh? Since this was my first mascara, I didn’t expect much to happen. Perhaps, I don’t know what to really expect. Packaging-wise, I find this attractive due to its shape and color. It really does look like a telescope! I looked into their website, and it said that it had 3 colors: Black, Brown and Blackest Black. I got the Black because it was the only one available that time.


Here’s a photo of its brush  They remind me of sea urchins since the bristles are neatly apart from each other. Perhaps what L’Oreal claimed that this brush helped users to have a clump-free finish. I never experienced clumps when I use this. I normally would do 2 swipes per lashes.

Here’s a swatch of the liquid at the back of my hand. For one, I did notice that this didn’t have any scent or whatsoever. This is good for sensitive noses.

Upon application, it really felt light on my lashes and it didn’t clump which is loves! Wear-time, I think it fairly lasted a long time, either that or I didn’t notice it vanish. It was also easy to remove, no tugging with my cotton and make-up remover.


But this isn’t a happy ending. Each time I rub my eyes, I notice it transferring on my hand. This sin’t good since I make rubbing eyes look like a hobby.


Last but not the least is that it’s so light that I didn’t notice any change to my lashes at all! No defined, and definitely not lengthen.


Will I buy this again? You won’t see me coming back to get this on its regular price! Though, this is recommended for those who are quite scared to try out mascaras (frightened that it might hit your eyes, etc), since it provided an easy grip and a clump-free finish. It did, however, taught me how to properly use a mascara and all but failed to provide changes to my lashes.


And with that, I felt that mascaras are such a waste to buy. Imagine, they expires easily and quite expensive. So I skipped purchasing any mascaras for almost 2 years.


Not until Majolica Majorca, that is.


How about you? What was your first mascara experience?



For those interested with the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you. My mascara didn’t come in with one.


6 thoughts on “L’Oreal: Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara in Black Review

  1. Mascara is on the fence with me. I see what it does, but honestly I can’t stand it because it’s so heavy and groups lashes together. It’s weird. lol

    P150 is about how much I pay for my mascaras already. (which is probably why i dont like them XD) I just can’t see spending three times more on a mascara…

    I wish they made lighter colored mascaras. Even brown is really dark @.@ I prefer the browns.

    If you rub your eyes a lot, you’ll need a waterproof one. But waterproof ones are a tad dangerous. They are so strong on your lashes that they can break them very very quickly. :/

    My first mascara was Great Lash… i think by maybelline? Not sure. It’s considered the ‘American Classic’ and my mother used it, so she bought it for me when I was a teenager for fun.
    lol i’m still not into mascaras, but i find this brand works okay


    1. We share the same sentiment with mascaras. I’m currently using Majolica Majorca’s lash Expander Frame Plus. It’s dark blue, waterproof and all – but you’re right, they tend to be heavy and all clumpy. Like with eyeliners, I’m not a fan of them also. But I’m intrigued on using both. So far, I’ve only used 2 mascaras in my life. 😮

      Yup, that’s from Maybelline alright. 😀

      I’ll keep my eyes open if I do find a light colored mascara. But mostly Asian brands carry the dark ones, since majority of asians have black hair. XD


      1. Eyeliners are interesting, but i’ve found that…
        Liquid liners: Heavy & tacky
        gel liners: too thick & smear
        pencil liners: messy & smear
        cream liners: hard to apply & smear

        BUT! i did find this product called a transformer where you can take any eye shadow and turn it into a liner. o.o I wrote a post on it but it’s scheduled for a different month. Let me know if you want to see it though

        I love the transformer because it’s no slip and it doesn’t have any weight to it since it’s eyeshadow. ^o^ ❤ the only this is it's a little hard to clean the liner brush @_@


        1. Honestly speaking, I’ve only tried 2 eyeliners in my lifetime: liquid and pencil. But I seem not to get how to use this. They make my dark circles look more terrifying than it already is!

          Transformer sounds interesting. 😀 I can wait for your post on it based on your schedule. 😀


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