Make-up Haul: October 31, 2012

Fresh off my wallet! My haul from Tony Moly. Isn’t this such a big bag?

A little background before the jump: I wasn’t supposed to buy this, honest! Thanks to the SA of Tony Moly of Megamall branch for the FYI on the sale and the arrival of the famous pot concealer I’ve always been hounding for. I quickly asked them to reserve me one and I’d pick it up hours after (after work, that is). YES, I went home earlier than the norm lately. Ha!

My intention was only to buy the pot concealer. But they had an offer I cannot resist.

See how much stuff I bought? I got the 2 tints for free due to my purchase. ❤

First, 50% off the Floria Youth Energy Skin Care Set. Orignal price is at P2,498 ($60.71). I got this for P1,249 (roughly $30.36 when converted to USD). Imagine, 155ml of toner (full size), 130 ml of emulsion (full size), 50 ml of cream (full size) and trial size of emulsion and toner for 20ml each. Great deal, I’d say. But I didn’t buy this for myself. I got this for my mom. Aww, ain’t I such a sweet daughter?

I got this for her mainly because of an incident that happened in the house that really ticked me off. You see, she had 2-3 creams (she says 3, I remember only 2) stocked at the top of the cabinet in my room. I relocated it to her bathroom since I needed the box and space for something else. Few days later, she started to look for it. And we can’t seem to find it! She got pissed at me for relocating it, and kept on insisting it isn’t in the bathroom. What the… Where do you think I’d place skin care products? Of course in the bathroom!  She also kept on bugging me to find it. Either that or that she lost her creams, blah, and her current pot is running thin, etc. These rants lasted for more than a month (happened last August, I think). So when I saw this on sale, and being hydrating, I got it for her. I bought this just to close the topic. Also, she’s been extra supportive to me.

I believe that Floria is not a match for my skin due to its hydrating claim. This might be good for normal to dry skin, but for extreme dry and cold weather, you may still need extra moisture boost. I’ve been using the facial wash from Floria line, though, but I fear that its other skin care items might just be too moisturizing for me.


This is Tony Moly’s famous and cheap Baby Doll Pot Concealer. My first reaction when I saw this? So small! It just looks big in the photo. There are 2 colors available, but the SA reserved me the #2 Natural Beige. The #1 was just too bright for me. I don’t really understand these color choices. At Missha, I’m a #1, but at Tony Moly, I’m a #2. So odd!  I even brought out my Missha concealer to validate the color choice. #1 of Tony Moly is fairer than the #1 of Missha, which makes #2 of Tony Moly a safe choice. I got 2 pieces since the restock of this item took too long – longer than the pot tints. My hands are itching to open one and try it ASAP. But I’m still bothered if I should get the #1 also. Hmm….  These babies costed me P248 ($6.03). I know these originally costed P198 ($4.81). A price increase due to demand?

Since I’m on a spending-spree anyway, I bought the Berryberry Lovely Stick in BELS02. This was on sale. Orginal price is at  P378 ($9.19), and I got it for P189 ($4.59). Not bad. I can’t rock a pink lipstick (still frustrated over it), but I know very well I can rock colors with brown tones or dark lipsticks. So this might be a good match. I’ve always been attracted to this lipstick due to the packaging. I bet you’re intrigued to see this.


Last but not the least, Crystal Glam Plumping Gloss in #1 Volume Red. My lippie arsenal does not have much gloss, so I picked this up. Why this one? Because of the price. This costed me P174 ($4.23) which was originally P348 ($8.46). I wanted to go P2,000 ($48.61) or a little over in my total bill, and this perfectly fits my requirement. Why this color? This is the only one available!

My freebies from the purchase! 2 Tony Tints in #1 Cherry Pink. I was supposed to get the green headband, but I already have it. So they gave me this one instead. It pays to be a loyal and usual customer. ❤


I love Tony Moly! Thank you for the lovely SAs of the Megamall branch for being so accommodating, especially to the SA who attended me. I may not remember the name, but I definitely know you by face.



Did you like my haul? Which item did you like the best?


For those interested with the ingredients of the Floria Youth Energy Skin Care Set, check it out below! I didn’t post it over at my cosdna account since I won’t be using these items anyway. If you want a more zoomed in photo, just drop me a message below and I’d edit this post for you. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Make-up Haul: October 31, 2012

  1. -jealous- o.o
    i would have bought this too! <___< lol SA's get me hehe
    50% off floria O__O ;A; waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! T.T *sulks* i'm moving to the Philippines! thats it!

    T.t i have normal to dry skin! i'll take it from you any time! 😀 i'll send you skinFood, you send me floria! heheheh

    tony moly has such neat packaging o.o
    o.o i have a crystal gloss on my christmas list. I think it's from…………… ._. *fogot* *looks* Etude House! 😀 I can't wait. So excited! ^o^

    SAs are wonderful. I know if sephora here had more SAs I'd be broke ._. it's a good thing they dont.


    1. The Floria set was the last one on the shelf, so I had to get it. My mom was happy when I gave it to her. I hope she’d stop ranting about her lost creams already. >.<

      I love Tony Moly's packaging – it's very chic and classy. 😀 If I should chose between Etude House and Tony Moly, I'd definitely go to Tony Moly.

      I hope your Crystal Gloss would help you achieve the glossy lips you'd want. 😀

      I know, SA's are wonderful. Sometimes, I would go to the store and challenge the SA on what the product does, etc. The best SA there is, for me, is in Skinfood. They know their products well, and they even know what I have and my skin type! They know me so well that I'd intentionally miss the store when I'm at the mall. I'm glad Tony Moly started to send text messages to loyal customers on product availability and sales, even my skin color. Just shows how much they know their customers, which is <3. Good job, Tony Moly! 🙂


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