Haru’s Random Thoughts: Been gone for a few days. Missed me?

My last post was 5 days ago?!?! Woah. Talk about irregular posting. I really apologize for that.

I am supposed to do a review today, but work caught up with me again. a long weekend (Friday’s a national holiday) + 2 days of teambuilding = loads of backlogs at work for me to do (1 super major project, 3 support projects). And we have this Thursday and Friday off. It’s a declared non-working holiday…


And should I be happy with all these no work days?

Not really. Since our deadline’s coming closer even faster due to the no work days. Great. And that means more irregular posting from me.


I’m actually supposed to do a review today on a Majolica Majorca product. But since I have backlogs of work, plus a report to finish (end of the month!), I might not be able to do so. It’s just annoying that I can’t access what I’m suppose to access. Network’s been kicking me out for an hour already. Such a pain.


Oh oh. Guess what time I arrived home last Thursday. 7AM the next day! Yes, working for 25 hours straight. You’d be asking yourself, what kind of work would make you do that? Mine? Haha! We are still far from over. But I don’t have plans to come home tomorrow early morning. Looking forward to a short vacation. But I know, we’re going to do it again sooner or later. Sigh.


Still hoping and praying for a free day.


Happy Halloween, guys! Wish me luck that we’d finish this earlier than expected.


I so miss posting.

2 thoughts on “Haru’s Random Thoughts: Been gone for a few days. Missed me?

  1. o3o yes you were missed! i dont know why but many blogs I followed took vacation or time away at the same time. But you honestly sounded like you really needed it. @____@

    O_O dear god! 25 hours straight!!!!????? @____@ be careful please.

    happy halloween to you too



    1. Thanks! Actually, I feel way better than last week but still not 100% ok, but good enough. I can drink cold items now! Yay for milk tea! But the worst is yet to come (as if it’s not bad enough). We’ll be testing our stamina on November. haha! Still have 1 major module in the works. XD And after that, 3 more. On the bright side, it’s good that I get to do a lot at work = has value. šŸ˜€

      Really, lot of people went on vacation? My real vacation is on December – on a popular beach island. So excited. šŸ˜€

      Hope you’d enjoy your Halloween. šŸ˜€


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