Haru’s Random Thoughts: Watched Sword Art Online (Anime)

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been out enjoying my vacation to get some sleep, but apparently I wasted some nights watching this anime, Sword Art Online (SAO). I wrote a review here. I really enjoyed it since aside from being hooked to skin care and make-up, I’m also a gamer (online and console). 2 worlds far apart from each other. I’m also an anime fan (started as a fan fiction writer, before actually making an original story with my friends).


Aside from watching anime, I started getting photos of my Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer. Next, I shall be swatching it and testing today. Still drooling over it. And what better reason to use this, my dark circles are as dark as ever and needs some concealing. All thanks to sleepless nights and allergies.


How about you, how’s your halloween?

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