Missha: The Style Perfect Concealer – Light Beige Review

Lazy Monday morning. First workday after a 4 day weekend. Imagine how sluggish I am now. But I know we have this deadline to conquer and it is fast approaching. I bet I’d be going overtime today (hoping not too early for tomorrow kind). Apologies to my good friend that I will be missing out on your birthday celebration later. Don’t want to keep your hopes up that I’d make it on time. Sigh!


Because of the many, many times last month that I had been literally burning the midnight oil, my panda eyes are as prevalent as ever. And I don’t think my eye cream is strong enough to hold reign of terror. The only way I can go to get rid of it, at least for the day, is by using concealers.


And what perfect way to test one of my newest concealers in the pack from Missha.

Since this is my first Missha product to review  let me discuss a little more about the brand. Missha is a low end Korean make-up and skin care brand. It joins the ranks of Skinfood, The Face Shop, Etude House, VOV and Beauty Credit. Don’t quote me on this one, but I think Tony Moly and Holika Holika are also low end brands. These Korean low-end brands are equivalent to Maybelline and Cover Girl for those who are living in USA. Yes, they are that cheap. Shame on you resellers who try to sell them with a high premium! (Laniege, on the other hand, is a Mid End brand.)


Missha is quite known to dupe famous high end brands, so you’d probably get good stuff from this brand. They are mostly famous for their BB Creams. Since I’m not a BB Cream user, I only got concealers from them when I dropped by their mall store here. Meet my concealer, The Style Perfect Concealer.

They say that this concealer is  good dupe of MAC’s concealer. Can’t say much about that since MAC’s way beyond my budget to check it out. This concealer costed me P399 ($9.72) from their mall store in my country. I bet it only costs 60-70% of what I paid for. So you’re probably better of buying this from a reseller or a friend/relative in S. Korea. Let this pricing be a guide to you on what it should not cost. Imagine how cheap it is!


The concealer came in 2 colors: Light Beige (which is what I have) and  Natural Beige. Color difference among the two: mine is a tad brighter and paler whereas the other one was more orange-y and a little tanner. But I think the darker one would suit me more, if I’m not as acidic as I am now. Both only comes in pot form, so those particular with dipping their hands into the product will be irked about it. Even though it’s small and easy to carry with you, you’d still need some space for your concealer brush or whatnot. 😦

The concealer has a dry consistency – as shown on the pot photo with cracks on the side. But even it has a dry consistency, it doesn’t crack or flake upon application. Caution for dry skinned people, prep up prior to using this! Combi to oily skinned people will surely benefit from this. You get a matte finish from this and that flawless look we like to achieve.


What I like about this concealer is that it’s light weight and scentless upon application (but has a very subtle fragrance when you sniffed it off the pot). And long lasting. I can walk with it under the sun, on this country’s humid weather, and it will last me around 4 hours. But if settled properly, which I don’t normally do, it will definitely last longer.

Can this be real? Is it that good? It has one downfall – coverage. This only covers minor dark circle problems. I don’t know about the eyebags since I don’t have much of that, but it only made me look a little more awake. I can still see a little darkness under it. Boo.


I also find it harder to apply this with my brush than using my finger. Perhaps a sponge would be good?


On the bright side, it didn’t cause me milia.


Do I recommend this? Yes, especially for those who are lazy…er… I mean, on the go, and for days you want light make-up. It’s cheap, scentless and long lasting. Easy to tuck in your make-up purse, and gives you this matte finish. Don’t bet on coverage, though.



I can see this making its way up to becoming a staple as a concealer for lighter days. But Missha isn’t as accessible as Etude House. Oh well. I guess I’d be heading to my reseller.




What’s your lightweight concealer?



For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who just want to read them less the analysis, check it out below.

2 thoughts on “Missha: The Style Perfect Concealer – Light Beige Review

    1. Thanks for dropping by! UWAH! Really?!?!?! P200?!?!?! So I bet it’s like P150-P170, SRP in Korea (converted in our currency). So lesson learned, find good online resellers if it’s Missha.

      Actually, I had tons of concealer so I gave this to my friend right after review, and she’s loving it too. Hope you feel the same way!


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