Tony Moly: Tony Tints in #1 Cherry Pink and #2 Red Apple Review

I came early today, and I’m not in the mood to do anything noteworthy today. Actually frustrated at work due to a series of events. I don’t want to even discuss it. So, I’d be doing a review on my office drawer (and bag) staple tints. Well, as if I’m not carrying way too much lip colors already!


One of Tony Moly’s famous tints are the Tony Tints. And of course, I took the plunge in buying both colors just because I want them. Or if I’m not mistaken, I bought this out of work-related stress. Retail therapy is a good stress reliever but bad for the pocket. Haha!

Here’s what Tony Moly has to say about them:

Liquid type tint which helps to express a lively color on lips. Contains jojoba oil to ease the absorption, restore cells and boost suppleness on lips. Also contains other nourishing ingredients to help the lips look lively and vibrant


Tony Tints come in 2 colors: #1 Cherry Pink and #2 Red Apple. I got them for P278 (roughly $6.75) each. These full sizes contain about 80ml of product. Not bad, since you would only need drops of it per application.

#1 Cherry Pink

#2 Red Apple

The product has a doe foot applicator, so nothing special there.


L-R: #2 Red Apple, #1 Cherry Pink

See how striking the colors are? In the photo above, I dotted and swiped it a little on the back of my hand.  The tints are very fluid that they resemble the characteristics of water less the color and scent. It smells like those horrible tasting cough medicines with a hint of alcohol. I do not like the scent, but you won’t notice it once applied. You just get to smell this off the bottle only. As for the taste, it is as horrible as its scent. It’s bitter, so don’t go liking your lips right after you applied it. Another thing I noticed is that there’s this sting/cold tingling sensation right after application. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m guessing it must have been due to the alcohol content. The sensation disappears after 1-2 seconds.


Due to its liquid state, it is quite challenging to apply them if you want a subtle “my lips but better look”. I was really annoyed at first on using this since it definitely is not a walk in the park. This was my first liquid tint to try out. To make your life easier, I’ll teach you how to do it.

Just bitten look:

  1. On clean lips, apply lip balm.
  2. After waiting out a few seconds, dot (yes, dot) the applicator on the inner portion of your lower lip. 3-5 dots across your lower lip will do just fine. Make sure the dots are equally distant from each other.
  3. Spread it across by rubbing your lips together.
  4. Put a little gloss.


Subtle my lips but better look: (This will work for those with dark colored lips. For lighter colored lips, you may want to lessen the amount to be applied)

  1. On clean lips, apply lip balm.
  2. After waiting out a few seconds, dot the applicator on the outer portion of your lower lip (almost near the lip line). 4-5 dots will do. Make sure the dots are equally distant from each other.
  3. Streak a line across the outer portion of your upper lip (almost near the lip line). Make sure you cover roughly 1/2 of your upper lip. The line should be positioned at the center, not near any end of your lip.
  4. Spread it across using your finger for an even color.


If you want a full color, spread it all across your lips like a lip gloss. But don’t forget to do the lip balm step first. Cherry Pink looks Fuschia Pink when applied fully, whereas Red Apple looks Blood Red.

To achieve that ultra glossy Korean pop-star lips, add a clear gloss or gloss with shimmer on the “my lips but better” look or at the fully colored lip). I don’t normally do this since I don’t like the glossy finish in my everyday look.


L-R: #2 Red Apple, #1 Cherry Pink

Here’s how it looks like when you spread it across. Notice how much a small streak can produce. It has a very good color pay-off.

L-R: #2 Red Apple, #1 Cherry Pink


Here’s what it looks like after I washed my hand with soap. It has a good lasting power, typical to lip tints. 4-5 hours before you notice it disappearing.


I need to emphasize how important it is to put a lip balm at the beginning. This tint is quite drying and it settles on your lines. It really helps a lot that you put lip balm at the first step, and gloss at the last step. This doesn’t work well with cracked lips either. The color settles along the area of the crack, which I think you wouldn’t like.


Do I recommend this? Yes, if you get passed that stingy feeling upon application and you don’t forget to put lip balms and glosses. What I do not recommend though is putting it on your cheek. Due to that sensation you feel after application, I’m quite afraid to try it on my cheek. I never tried it there, even if it claims to be a lip and cheek tint. So you’re on your own that aspect. I’d also like to warn you that storing it horizontally might cause the tint to leak out. It happened to me in my make-up pouch and it’s very hard to wash off. 😦

But what I do love about this is that a little drop goes a long way, the color pay-off and how it sticks around well enough. You do indeed get the value for your money here. If you ask me which color I like among the 2, it would be the #2 Red Apple. My darker lips goes well with that color more than the #1 Cherry Pink. But if I was blessed with a lighter color lip, I’d go with the Cherry Pink.


Since I have the full size and a ton of lip colors with me, I don’t think I’d be able to finish it any of these Tony Tints. >.< So for those who have tons of lip colors but want to try this out, you can buy the sample sizes off resellers. Do note though that these are normally giveaways by the store, so always canvas for the best price. It can go as low as P50 ($1.21) or as high as P80 ($1.94)


Fortunate for me, I did get some for free. Yay for freebies! But I don’t even know what to do with them. XD I got them after I purchased a specific amount from the mall store. These are the sample sizes of the #1 Cherry Pink. They contain about 50 ml of the product. Don’t they look so cute?



Have you tried liquid tints? Like them?



For those who are interested in the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you. I don’t think they came in with these tints. But what I can give you is the stuff written on my product in Korean.

#1 Cherry Pink

#2 Red Apple

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