Tony Moly: Mineral Skin-Fit BB Concealer SPF30 in 01 Cover Light Review

Finally, it’s Friday! I am very much looking forward to the weekend. ­čśÇ I plan to sleep, go to the dentist, write, go out with my family and try some of my make-up. ­čÖé I’ll try to do a little exercise. I know I gained weight from all that eating when we were going under some serious overtime. >.< I can see it on my face and on my tummy. At this rate, I’d be back to my original weight before I started to do my diet. And being heavier beyond my comfort zone makes me more┬ásusceptible┬áto sickness. >.<

Enough with my weight woes, on to the review!


While I was waiting for the restock of Tony Moly’s Baby Doll Pot Concealer in their mall store, the SA suggested I’d go for another concealer,┬áMineral Skin-Fit BB Concealer SPF30. And I grabbed it since I didn’t want to go home empty-handed.

And it is quite rare to find a concealer that carries SPF. I know, I’m trying to rationalize my purchase again. Oh and it has the “BB” name slapped on it.


Mineral Skin-Fit BB Concealer SPF30 is part of Tony Moly’s Mineral Skin-Fit line. At the moment of this writing, I actually own 2 items from that line. Tony Moly describes this product as:

This Perfect Cover Concealer hides skin imperfections and blemishes instantly  making the skin look smooth and clear. 

This concealer comes only in stick form. A 1.3g stick costs P378 (roughly $9). Not bad, since you’d probably have this with you even beyond its expiry date. This concealer comes in 2 colors, like any normal Korean brand: 01 Cover Light and 02 Cover Beige. I got the 01 Cover Light since it felt like it matched me more, but since I’ve gotten tan months after, I think I should have gotten 02. The stick is smaller than a regular-sized pen, but a little fatter so it’s easy to stuff in you purse for touch-ups. The cap doesn’t easily come off so you’d surely love bringing this along.


Upon application, it’s scentless and has dry consistency.



Here’s a photo with the concealer blended at the back of my hand. This concealer has a light to medium coverage. I found it really hard to blend this, especially under my eyes. It cannot stand alone, and you need a good prep prior to using this, and settled very well in order for it to cooperate. When used alone, no prepping, etc, ┬áit settles on my fine lines. It is also pretty obvious that you are wearing make-up with this alone. So when I use this, I pair it with my┬áSurprise Essence Concealer┬áso I can go away with minimal prepping and a little settling. I’m normally lazy in a hurry when I apply make-up.

But what I find amazing with this product is that it’s long lasting. I can last me a regular office day. Which is loves. Sadly, I use this on┬áoccasions┬áwhere I get to have more time to do stuff.


If you’re meaning to ask if I’ve used this on blemishes, I never have tried applying stuff to conceal my acne. I also rarely have those to find out if my concealers do cover them up well.


Will I recommend this? For non-makeup expert like me, that would be a no. Even if it lasts long and has an SPF. It’s pretty hard to work on. If you do plan to buy this, I suggest you’d go with 02 Cover Beige since it will have a high chance that it will fit you more. Unless you are as pale and fair as most Korean models are.



When my friend heard about this, she asked me to try to warm this up prior to application. Some concealers needed to be warmed up to have them adjust to your color. And since I have new concealers that are off darker shade, I might have to give this another whirl. I’ll definitely let you know what happens next. ­čÖé



How about you? What do you think of stick concealers?



If you’re wondering why it has a BB label slapped to it, I have no idea. Maybe you really need to have this warmed up to adjust? Or it has color-changing properties? What’s with the “mineral” name? In any case, I can’t really say since most of the stuff written on it is in Korean. Also if you’r interested to know the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide you the English list.

On other items, I ordered 2 make-up items from a reseller (not my usual reseller) since she had a sale, and 2 of them are items that caught my attention. I ordered for it last Wednesday and paid for it yesterday. She said it should come in today. So excited! I have a feeling that these items are real. I guess she will might be my new reseller if the following transactions will go well. Her prices are a little cheaper compared to my reseller. This might the start of a good buyer-seller relationship. ­čśÇ

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