Revlon: ColorStay Lipcolor in 09 Fawn Review

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine refreshed me a lot. And I’m happy to say that my online order from the new reseller came in last Friday. Had this HUGE smile on my face when I got the package. I’ll show you probably in my next post on the 2 items I bought. ❤


For today, let’s rest a bit from Korean products and discuss something Western-related. For today’s review, I picked Maybelline’s ColorStay. Do note that this is an old product.


If I would have a set of favorite aunts, the one who gave me Revlon’s ColorStay Lipcolor in 09 Fawn would be found at the top 3. She’s such a cool aunt. She knows what color matches me. Even when she buys clothes and shoes for me as a present. This came in with the Elizabeth Arden’s 2 Eyeshadow.  Imagine how old this is.

I still have it with me, but I don’t use it anymore.

Since this is an old product, I have no idea what this claims. In any case, this works like lipsticks. It promises a long wear.

The stick is very slim, as slim as my Berry Berry Lovely Slim Lip Stick. This does not carry any fragrance with it, but what it does have is the usual lipstick scent.

Swatching this on the back of my hand, it gives of a brownish-red color. I know some people aren’t much on brownish color, but I loved this. It matched me quite well and provided a matte finish on my lips, which is a plus.

This also lasts me the entire day which is even better.


Sadly, this is a discontinued product. The last time I used this was when I was in college.  😦


For those who would want to see the ingredients, I’m sorry but I cannot provide it to you.


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