Etude House: OMG! Dry Shampoo Review

Hi everyone! How are you lately? I’ve gotten home  early morning awhile ago, around 1:30AM. And imagine how light-headed I am now – I’ve slept for only 3-4 hours. >.< I do hope we won’t go home that late tonight/early for tomorrow. The new deadline is fast approaching (and it won’t be moving, too bad) and there are still some bugs in the system. Ugh.


On the good side of things, I am very much anticipating on our vacation. It’s less than a month away. Weee! I booked to another hotel yesterday over the budget one I had previously booked since I will be paying for the transfers and the comfort. Mental note: pay for this by the end of this week! Or later, if via credit card. :))) So excited!!!!! I’ve stepped into the soil of 4 countries, but this is my first time to go to this popular to both locals and foreigners beach location. Ah, white sand, warm sun and cool breeze while the rest of the northern hemisphere is freezing to bits. 😀



The product I chose to review today is something that you can use on travels, especially when you feel your hair is oily and you don’t have access to places where you can take a shower. It’s a dry shampoo!



When I went to Etude House few weeks/months ago, they had a sale (as usual). I was supposed to pick up just the tint, but since this was the last stock on the shelf, and I would always look at this when I was at the store, I had to get it.

You know me, out-of-the-ordinary objects grab my money attention. 
Etude House (at least the mall store I went to) had 2 OMG items: Dry Shampoo and Trouble Break Mist. Here’s how Etude House describes their dry shampoo:
This spray dry shampoo instantly cleanses hair without water, soaking up excess oil and removing impurities, for a freshly-shampooed look with a clean floral fruity scent


How to use this:

1) Shake well before use. 2) Hold bottle 15-20cm away from head and spray onto scalp and hair. 3) Massage into scalp with fingers and brush out thoroughly to re-style



How much money did this take from me? It took me P448 (almost $11) for a 50ml of the product. Now, I wouldn’t know if this is a good deal since this is my first dry shampoo. So far among the Korean mall stores in the metro, it’s only Etude House that sells this stuff. Packaging-wise, I find it cute. It had a 2-panel comic strip saying that the girl just woke-up with messy hair, and after spraying the dry shampoo, it made her hair look good and in place, with her saying, “OH MY GOD!”. I can’t really understand what they are really saying though, so anyone who can understand Korean, please help me out. >.<

The aerosol spray bottle of the dry shampoo is fairly small in height, but it makes up for it in diameter. What I don’t like about this is that its spray head has a tendency to get a little out of place when you press it down hard/long. One thing I also noticed is that when I shake the can hard enough, it becomes a few degrees cooler. So weird!

Upon application, the liquid is quite cold but it dries really fast. When I sprayed this on my hand, it dried up the area quickly. It made my skin very dry – so dry that it is itchy.


This also has a scent. It smelled something in the lines of fruity and floral. It’s not that sweet, vanilla kind nor so floral that it sickens you. It’s not overpowering, but not subtle. I honestly loved the scent. It smelled a little better than shampoos once you have it on. My initial expectation was that it would smell like a hairspray, but I was surprised that it came out like this. The scent is noticeable up to a few minutes or an hour.



Since this is my first time to handle dry shampoos, I’m glad to say that it didn’t give me a hard time. There’s some demo pics at the back to aid you (except that all the text are in Korean). One thing I noticed is that when I sprayed too much, I had white stuff all over my head – as if I sprinkled myself with baking powder. I guess I had too much fun spraying.


But it did remove the oil off my hair. When I use conditioner only and no shampoo, my hair grows oily after 3 hours or so. I got to use this on those occasions  and it kept it oil-free for almost the rest of the day. Not bad weartime! Also, after I got to spray this on my hair, I was able to style it. Since my mid-length hair partly falls on my shoulders, it tends to go flyaway. But with this, I was able to keep it intact.



Will I recommend this? For first timers like me, this seems a good product to take. Cheap, performs well, smells good (for those who are not sensitive with scents) and cool packaging. But on practical everyday use, I’m not quite sure. I haven’t grasped the whole dry shampoo thing just yet. But I’m willing to see more about it. Caution though, don’t attempt to over-spray on your hair or you’d end up with white portions. Like what we used to do – put baby powder on our hair – when we were younger to depict an old person.  :))) Good times.



How about you? Isn’t this such a curious product? Are you still on the fence on dry shampoo?



For those who would want to see the ingredients, click here! But if you just want to see it less the analysis, check it out below.

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