Beauty News: The Body Shop – Philippines Christmas Edition 2012

Good news to the fans in the Philippines of The Body Shop! It’s really Christmas in The Body Shop as they will be releasing their Christmas Edition items. Soon, if they’re not yet in their stores.


Are you excited? I sure am!


See? See? Are you excited?


I haven’t visited them yet. My last visit was I think Nov. 8, and I didn’t see them. Just their sale. I will definitely visit them soon! Well, that is if my work will let me go home early  😦 But still!!!! I’m really, really excited.


I have 3 things in mind that I want from the Christmas Line:

  • Lip Dome – Cranberry and Ginger. But what’s that 3rd little thing I’m seeing? Hmm… I will DEFINITELY pick up Cranberry this year. I hope they have a little shimmer in it like my old, old Cranberry lip balm. Ginger intrigues me also.
  • Shimmer Lotion – Because I don’t have any shimmer lotions.
  • Home Fragrance Oil – I love the smell of Christmas! And I’d bet my mom will love the house smelling like one for the holidays. My aunt from my father side will be coming over this year, so she’d be really busy with the preparations.


That’s about that. How about you? What do you like from the Christmas Edition of The Body Shop?



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