Skinfood: Sweet Almond Eyeliner in #1 Almond Black Review

So sorry readers! My posts had been irregular since October. It’s been crazy lately! Aside from me recovering my pocket/credit card from my non-cosmetic splurges (that means you, Starbucks Promo!)  and saving up for the Christmas Season x iPhone 5 x car maintenance, work had been eating up much of my non-work time (time allocated for my personal/family life, blogging, writing, researching and buying make-up, etc). Even sleep time! I had been sleeping for 2-4 hours a day on an average weekday. >.> It’s insane! So my dark circles are more prominent on my pale, anemic skin. :))) And I’m getting bruises all over. Don’t know how I got that.


So while I was looking at my backlogs, I decided to talk about Skinfood’s Sweet Almond Eyeliner in #1 Almond Black.


I never had appreciated eyeliners. I don’t know how to use them, and it gives more emphasis on my dark circles (and I don’t need more of that).


When the mall store of Skinfood had a sale, I picked up Sweet Almond Eyeliner in #1 Almond Black. Why? Because I didn’t have ANY eyeliners in my make-up arsenal.

This was at 50%, so what have I got to lose?

Not much is said about this product except that it is a:

Liquid eyeliner with soft feeling that contains almond oil


For a 7ml eyeliner that just costed me P362.5  ($8.80), it isn’t that bad. But if it was on it regular price, no way. I got this color since it was the only color on sale.

The entire eyeliner bottle is very lightweight and small, so it’s very easy to bring around with you. As for the packaging, I love it. It’s simple yet classy. I also noticed one thing about this eyeliner. When you shake the bottle, it gives you this clanking sound, as if there’s a ball inside. So weird.

The brush holder is very long which provides you a good grip of it. The brush is very thin and soft, so it makes it easy for you to paint on yourself a good line and a wing at the end. But for hands that tremble, this might give you a tough time to get a good, straight line.

The eyeliner itself isn’t scented, which is good for those with sensitive noses.


If you’re looking a swatch of this, I’m sorry but I can’t provide one for you. I bought this last 2010, but I just got a chance to give it a photo op this year. >.<


What I don’t like about this eyeliner is that it seems like it’s not waterproof. I love rubbing my eyes and they get all water-y from allergies, so this doesn’t last long. I get so annoyed at it that I only used it twice. Hey, at least it was easy to remove. Hahaha!


Do I recommend this? I don’t see myself using this ever again. I’m very glad I got this from a sale, so no hard feelings on the purchase.


Sigh. Oh well. Skinfood’s cosmetics had been a hit or a miss. At least their skin care is good on me. When I enter other Korean mall stores, I would get compliments on my skin, but I can’t really tell them that it’s because of Skinfood. :)))


How about you? What are your thoughts on eyeliners? Love them or hate them?


For those who would want to know the ingredients of this product, I’m sorry but it didn’t come in with one.



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