Peripera: Peri’s Tint Milk in #02 Milky Peach Review

I have this Milky Tint craze going on. I get my hands on milk tints whenever I can. I’ve been controlling myself from hauling Tony Moly’s while  I haven’t used the ones from The Face Shop and Etude House.

But when I saw Peripera’s Peri’s Tint Milk go on sale from a reseller, I just had to get it.

And it arrived in my house 2 days after.

They say this is one of the items that made Peripera famous even if it’s a new company. I wonder if it’s true.

Here’s what Peripera has to say about this tint:

Like creamy milk, this tint gently blends upon lips.
Non sticky texture blends easily without an blots.
Flower complex helps give vitality to the lips


Currently, there are only 2 shades available: 01 Milky Pink and 02 Milky Peach. I got this  for only P250 ($6). One bottle houses 8ml, which is not bad, I believe. I chose this color because this is the only one they have on sale. It’s ok since I love orange-y/peachy/coral colors. They tend to match me well.

Packaging is very very lovely. It has this cute, gothic anime feel, plus a little vintage-y. It’s very small and lightweight so it’s pretty easy to tuck in your bag or make-up purse. It’s also cute to bring around with you.

It has a doe foot applicator with a bright red-orange color. Nothing special here, it scoops a little of the tint.

Tint is off milky peach to orange in color. Upon application  you feel that tint is very cold. At first I thought it might had been my balm since it’s mint flavor, but after a few more tries, it came to me that it’s the tint that’s cool/cold!

On tissue paper


Tint goes on like a gloss at first. In fact, too glossy to be categorized as a tint!  it taste like those synthetic powdered peach candies. I don’t mind since I like the taste. it wears off after 10 minutes on the lips. The color also stabilizes into peach-coral-milky orange. I love the color so much. It gives me this fresh, “alive” and awake vibe. With minimal make-up on (this tint and cheek color), it makes me look as if there’s something different on me but you just can’t point at which one is it, in a good way, even if I’m drowsy from lack of sleep. It is that subtle and natural on me. It also made me look fairer.

After a while

But this isn’t all good since it’s lasting power is a fail from all tints. It only lasts for 2 hours at minimum before you notice you need a touch-up. After 2 hours, it’s just gives you a subtle natural peachy/coral flush, but it’s barely there. I also notice that after drinking water, it disappears even more. When I try removing it at night with my make-up remover, I notice that it’s barely there on the cotton. So in a day’s span, you may need to touch-up around 3-4 times.


BUT! It didn’t dry my lips out. Of course, you still need that lip balm prior to using this especially if your lips is on the dry side.



Will I recommend this? Definitely! It’s good for summer/hotter days and younger people. I can imagine myself on the beach with this kind of color. It also gives you this fresh, glowing and recharged vibe. But for those with dark color lips, you may need to think twice prior to purchasing this. It may not give you much color pay-off.


Even if I love this so much, I’m willing to give it to my sister. I bet she’d love this more than I do. 🙂



I’m thinking of buying this again, but let’s see since I have tons of milky tints to try out. I wonder if my love for this product will still last after trying out the others.



I know why this milky tint made Peripera quite famous now.


How about you? Do you like milky tints?


For more information on this product, check out their website! Warning, it’s in Korean, though. If you’re interested with the ingredients, I’m sorry but I cannot provide them to you since most of the text is in Korean.


4 thoughts on “Peripera: Peri’s Tint Milk in #02 Milky Peach Review

  1. @.@ you keep changing your blog style!!!! XD
    😀 i love this already! it’s boomie from 2ne1! bahhahah i remember when she had that little character for their i’m the best album. >WWW< ❤

    @.@ i'm sorry i've been away for awhile. my blog keeps autoposting but with the holidays here and being really busy i haven't been online much ._. it's weird! i need to write some more though^^;;;;; i only have scheduled posts for another half month.

    I like tints :< they're awesome and don't rub off like lipstick. it probably put them on the map because of 2ne1 XD

    O.o why do you put water marks over the images? just wondering ^^'

    i can't believe how the color transitions from so bold to so sheer O.o neato but that would be a pain to reapply….

    i like natural colors on my lips, so i guess i would like mily tints :3


    1. haha! i’m exploring on what templates are out there. don’t have the time to review and do them myself. :)) yup, the tint’s art came from 2NE1. and I found it pretty cute. 😀

      that’s so neat that you have autopost! XD did you spend so much time writing them all?

      I put watermarks since I would see some review blogs steal photos from other bloggers and wouldn’t cite where they got it from. 😦 pretty unfair for those who took their time to take photos.

      yup! they’re so sheer. at first I was very intimidated with the color, but went right in anyway. :))) i’m trying another milky tint from The Face Shop, and it seems like there’s a pattern in their sheerness, texture and feel.

      I bet you’d love these tints more than the bolder, more fluid ones. And I’m quite sure this will match you quite well. 🙂 Etude House also has some milky tints in transparent and slender tubes. 😀 I have yet to them though. XD


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