Product Haul: November 18, 2012

Hi everyone! I know this is a very, very delayed post. But hey, better late than never. ūüėÄ


Since I’ve been busy with work and been saving up some money for the trip, I haven’t been buying as much like my last haul.

And yes, it’s mostly related to my incoming beach trip.
I know I am very busy and will still be very busy until the week that I am about to go on a trip. So, when I had the chance to go get some stuff for it, I did! And this is what I got:

L-R: Beach Hut Kids SPF 65, Sunplay SPF 130 PA +++, Nivea Sun Kids with SPF 50 PA++

I haven’t researched much on what sunblock is good for kids so I decided to pick 2 when I was in Watson’s. And anyway, I know my family¬†might be sensitive strong products so it was worth it the purchase. And I know darn well that it can be used on the face. I picked up the highest SPF and PA I can get for myself at least, so I went with Sunplay. I hope it will be nice on us!

That aside, I’m thinking of picking up something from The Face Shop again. Perhaps try their new sunscreen for my face? I’m not that willing to put Sunplay on my face, even if it claims that I can use it there.


I’ve mentioned earlier that I did try out a new reseller recently. She’s quite famous here in my country, so that’s how I found her. Until one day, she had a sale. That’s when I grabbed the opportunity and bought something.

L-R: The Face Shop’s FACE it 4D Perfection Concealer Kit in 23 Natural Beige, ¬†Lip Smacker u=in Coca Cola Flavor,¬†Peripera Peri’s Tint Milk in 02 Milky Peach

No, I didn’t buy the lipsmaker from her. I got it along with the sunblocks.

What made me buy The Face Shop’s FACE¬†it‘s concealer is its wonderful packaging. More of that when I review it. It’s very, very interesting. And since it was on sale, I had to bring it home with me. I know, I know, I have way too many concealers right now. Hehe, if I have the time, I can show you my current concealer arsenal.

As for the¬†Peripera Peri’s Tint Milk, I’ve been lurking around into purchasing this but not willing to jump since it might be a fail purchase. As of this writing, there aren’t that much review about this brand, let alone this tint. ¬†But when it went on sale, I knew I had to get it. I was in love at the fact that it was a milk tint, and at its pretty, pretty packaging.

The lipsmacker was a random purchase. You know me, I love quirky things. So I got it. But it’s not as quirky as my Lush Chocolate Lipbalm (which I haven’t showed you yet). My brother wants this (but wants my chocolate one more), but we’ll see if I’d give this away to him.


That’s all for now. Hope you have a great day ahead!


So excited with my trip. Isn’t it obvious?



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