Product Haul: November 24, 2012

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been terribly busy lately, and I’m happy to say that we just reached a milestone at work! Finally!!!!!


Since I got this Saturday to myself, my mom and I went to this sort of warehouse sale and bought a handful of items for less. Thank you so much to my co-workers for sharing with me about it! Out of the entire sale, I only got 2 items for myself while the rest are for my family members. Aw, aren’t I such a sweet, sweet daughter/sister?


But what made my day was when I bought this really kawaii keychain from Saizen (Daiso, in Japan). And since this site is all about sharing adorable and lovely items, I simply cannot keep this to myself.

Aren’t they lovely?


I got them from Saizen, as a promo after purchasing stuff from the store. These keychains (5 designs) can be bought before you pay for the regular Saizen purchase. So what if it’s an extra item in my bag/pocket, it’s soo cute! I got the frog one since it had blue on it whereas my mom got the turtle since it’s the one she liked the best. Both arms and legs of the keychain can be moved. Cute! I so love going to Saizen (Daiso)!


For the sale, I only picked up 2 items from them.

See? Not much of a haul here. *yawn*


As I type this. I feel really sleepy. I haven’t been sleeping well for a week or so. >.<


On other items, I got my 2013 Starbucks planner. Yes, I am one of those freaks who’d spend thousands on coffee to get the planner. It had been my tradition for a few years already.


Lately, I’ve also felt some weird unwelcoming atmosphere in the office. It does bother me, but hey, whatever. Didn’t do anything horrible to them to get this kind of treatment to a point that they do leave me behind for shit I don’t understand why. Yeah, I’m ranting and no, it ain’t paranoia. It have clear evidence, and even if I go insanely insensitive and indifferent, the message is very clear . No idiot can ignore that kind of signals. If they have problems with me, be mature enough to tell me. Geez. I’m just being civil enough not to get confrontational. Apologies for the rant, but I have to let this negativity out in some form and I do have those days.


Enough of this ranting nonsense. I’m just very glad that I still have this very. very good friend that I know who won’t leave me behind and that I don’t have to be someone else just to be welcomed in. Thank you so much for the wise words!


Need good vibes. I hope we’ll go somewhere worthwhile tomorrow. I need to get something for my laptop.


I will be meeting up with my highschool friends soon! So excited! I miss then a lot!!! I want to go to the US soon (before my visa expires) so I can visit some of you.


Have to go for now, I think I need to make a return call to another friend. >.<


How about you? Any good finds lately?


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