Product Haul: November 26, 2012

Hello everyone! I was so happy that I was able to home early last Monday (compared to my previous days) that I went straight to the mall and bought some stuff.

See my modest haul?

I first went to The Body Shop to take a good look at the Christmas line. They have it in Cranberry, Ginger and Vanilla. Luckily, they extended the lipbalm promo so I was able to purchase them for P250 each, which should have been P345 I think. The promo will end this Nov. 29, so get yours while it’s still on sale!

L-R: Cranberry Joy Lip Balm, Ginger SparkleΒ 

Why did I only take cranberry and ginger? Vanilla (Vanilla Bliss) was too darn sweet for my taste. I can’t also give it away to my brother who normally receives lipbalms from me since this one had shimmer on. I have mentioned before that I was really looking forward to the holidays to have another cranberry balm, and this is the answer to my prayers! I’m thinking of keeping another balm, since, well, balms are something I regularly use over tints and glosses. I love the smell of ginger! It’s their bestseller as compared to the other flavors. But I’m thinking of giving this one way to my sister after I had reviewed it or something.

L-R: Goodbye Pore Ever Primer, Pomegranate Face Mask, Concealer Brush

Then I went to Etude House. I got the Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Stick since Jae of AleumeΒ reviewed it before and I was convinced that I NEED IT. Since I’m going on a trip, carrying my tube of Tony Moly’s Velvet Touch Primer might not be a good option since the cap will definitely fall off while in my bag. I did try bringing it in the office with me but the cap didn’t hold much in my bag. Boo. I also got their concealer brush because I needed to reach a certain amount to get a freebie (and I am almost near to it), plus I find my current brushes too hard on my face. What I did want, however, in the store was the new Surprise Concealer Kit (Blemish Cover). I had to restrict myself since I still have a TON of unopened concealers at home (Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer, Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer, Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything, Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer, Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer, The Face Shop Face it 4D Concealer Kit, Revlon Beyond Concealer and Highlighter, among others). >.< But I want it. Hrmph.

My freebie purchase would be the mask. πŸ˜€ Which you know darn well I don’t use. :))) I now have roughly 10 masks if I haven’t given them away to my mom. =))))

Meet my new suncream. Since The Face Shop discontinued the suncream I love, I bought the suncream that replaced it – Clean Face Oil Free Sun Cream SPF 35 PA ++. I know, not another sun-related product for the beach. At least with this one, I’m a little sure that this won’t block my pores and cause me acne. AND it smells good too. Plus, it comes in a small tube which is a plus for people like me that don’t really get to finish their products. Hope this suncream will meet, better if exceed, my expectations.


Last but not the least:


Lush’s Double Choc Lip Tint. I think I mentioned weeks ago that I went to a particular sale which made a temporary dent on my credit card. This would be my only cosmetic/skin care product purchase out of the entire place. My mom was there so I had to control the urge. What attracted me to this one is that it’s color and smell – chocolate! I already tried cola, cranberry, mint, strawberry, berries, grape, french fries (yes, I tried it and it was weird) and vanilla (yuck!) tasting balms and tints, but never a chocolate. And this one was the only unopened item from the sale, so you know darn well it’s calling me. If this is colorless (not tint as it claimed), then my brother will be happy since he’s been lurking around for this one. If it has color on the lips, then probably my sister will love me for this. :)) BUT I definitely should try this and let you know what I think. Normally, sweet scented and non-mint lip balms are a no-no for me.Β 



That’s it for now! This week had been busy with 2 deadlines. I haven’t accomplished any yet. >.< Wah! I’ll get back to you once I’m done. πŸ˜€


Excited for the vacation. πŸ˜€



2 thoughts on “Product Haul: November 26, 2012

  1. AH! You bought it!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3 hahahaha ^o^

    Glad youre getting some freetime now :3

    your modest little haul is adorable. I wish i had the self controll to do modest little hauls.
    Ohhh the body shop balms look so cute ;~; I want one!
    T.T if we had an etude house store here i'd be so broke……… i dont know how you can resist.
    <___< why dont you use masks?! they're amazing woman!

    O.o neat sunscreen! honestly i saw this line online today and i considered getting it but i didn't konw if it was any good. let me know if you like after you try :3


    1. Hahahaha. Yeah, I bought the primer. I just couldn’t resist. The main thing that’s holding me back from getting some more stuff is my vacation, Christmas gifts for my loved ones and saving up for the phone I wanted. πŸ˜€ I can imagine you hauling each time there’s a sale or a new line in Etude. XD When I got there, they had this promo thing going on. Hahaha. Self-control made me look away. :)))

      Aren’t The Body Shop’s lip balms so cute? The ginger smells really really nice. πŸ˜€

      I will be using the sunscreen this weekend, so you can expect a review of it in a week or two. I can make it go ahead among my backlogs. :)))

      But I spoke to soon with that free time. I did come home late the following day. >.< Like 2AM late? 😦


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