Beauty Credit: Lovely Cheek Color in PK01 Vanilla Pink Review

Sorry for slacking out with my posts again. Last week was insanely busy. I’m just glad I was able to get the weekend + Friday off. Last Friday was a local holiday and even if my project mates went to work, I didn’t have too since I was mostly finished. I needed to re-validate because of the recent virus attack we had in the lab. Stupid IT for not detecting it early on. It came from them!

Since I had my morning Starbucks drink to escape my new boss from her normal early morning updates which I feel so unfortunate that she does this to me since my teammates are late and I’m early to get my morning starting, I feel so powered up to do a post. Yes, a long delayed post.


When I go to Subic, I’d normally drop by the Beauty Credit shop over there. The shop looks shady and unappealing, but I don’t mind since, hey, good, cheap Korean make-up. Hehehe. Unfortunately, when I go there armed with money, they tend to be out of stock of the items I want. But when I go there with not so much money, well, they tend to have stocks! Such fate. (For those who are wondering if they accept credit cards, I’m not sure that’s why I pay in cash)

And this was one of the moments that they don’t have stocks, and I have money. I bought the Lovely Cheek Color in PK01 Vanilla Pink because I didn’t want to go home empty-handed.


Beauty Credit is a relatively new brand that carries the rocking horse symbol. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a sub-brand of a big Korean company. This brand is categorized as low-end, so beware if anyone sells products from this brand with a high price.


Here’s what Beauty Credit has to say about the Lovely Cheek Color:

Lovely light fine textured powder to dress your skin, leaving it looking natural and vibrant.


I can’t really remember how much this costed me. I think it’s around P200 or P300 ($4.87 or $ 7.30). Anyway, one thing’s for sure. It’s cheap. 60-70% cheaper than those sold in the mall stores. They do have mall stores, I think around 2-3 stores?


What got me to buy this is the packaging. I love their symbol. It’s even found on the cheek color itself! Their Singapore website says that there are 6 colors under this line. I got the Pink Vanilla one since it’s the only color available at the time I went there. Each pact comes with a powdery cheek color and a mirror, perfect for touch-ups. The pact is very thin, and can fit well on my palm (my hands are quite small) so it’s very easy to bring this around with you. And it’s cute enough to whip out if you want to view yourself in the mirror or for touch-ups


Here’s a photo of it on the back of my hand. What’s good about this is that it’s scentless and it didn’t cause me any breakouts. I feel that it’s not harsh on my skin. The bad part? It has a subtle color payoff and bad wear time. It lasts around 2 hours before it completely disappears. Upon application, you’d feel that this is very, very powdery and subtle. Too subtle, in fact.


But I think I had a bad color match with this since I’m on the tan side, while this may work better on fairer skin tones.


Will I recommend this? For days when you need lighter make-up and you don’t need to stay out that long, and for younger skin. But for those longing for better wear-time and more color, better skip this. I’m not sure if I’d buy this again myself.


I might give this another chance, but with a different color that will match my warm, tan skin. Beauty Credit, please don’t fail me. 😦


Sigh. I wonder when I’ll go back there. I hope soon! And I do hope that they have stocks!!!



Do you think this will match you? Would you want to adopt this? I only have used this 3-4 times, with a brush, (including the swatch above).


For those who would want to see the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you. This didn’t come in with one.



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