Haru’s Random Thoughts: Nature Republic in Megamall is now open!

You’ve read it right. After months of being there, it just opened one day. December 2, to be exact.


Sadly, I wasn’t there at that one day. I was up north with the relatives. And I haven’t passed by there yet.

Perhaps later? I sure hope so!


For those who aren’t familiar with Nature Republic, it’s a low-end Korean brand. It follows the same lines of Skinfood, Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Beauty Credit and Missha. They somehow remind me of The Face Shop. Before I’d get the 2 confused. I’m not familiar with their best sellers just yet. But I will soon be. ❤

Anyway, hope this store won’t be overpriced like Skinfood, The Face Shop and Missha. >.<

Can’t wait to drop by!



On other items, I’m prepping up for my long weekend beach vacation. So I’m busy (as usual) in finishing some of my work since I’d be gone for 2 days. Hehehhe.



Oh yeah, I’m also waiting for my order of Benefit’s Fast Train to Fabulous, and the release of iPhone 5 in my country. FINALLY!!!!!!



December, please be nice to my pocket. >.<

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