Product Haul: December 6, 2012 (Nature Republic)

Just came back from my beach vacation weekend. While most of the Northern Hemisphere are freezing their butts off, I went to the beach! Hahaha!

IMG_0173 v2 - Crop

Lovely, lovely late afternoon sun on a white sand beach. 😀 It’s my first time to go to Boracay! I know, I know. I’ve been to a few countries but I haven’t gone around in my own. XD

So I did mention in my last post that Nature Republic is open. And yes, the night before my vacation, I did haul a few items from them.


Read more to see what’s in my bag!

Since Nature Republic just opened, they are still very generous on giving stuff away. But I sure do hope this generosity of them will last!


Here are the items I bought:


L-R: Blemish Lab Clear Spot Solution, Shine Blossom Rose Blusher in #03 Pink Rose, Concealer Brush

I got the Rose blusher because the SA suggested it. She mentioned that some customer hauled like 30 pieces of it and this was the last one for this shade. I have no idea if this is actually good, but got it anyway. I got the Spot Solution, again, thru her recommendation. I’ve been getting acne for the last few days since I’ve been staying up late. She did, however, commented on my skin and asked what I use. I laughed. I normally get that compliment from SA’s. Either that, or they’re just pulling my leg.

The brush was my final purchase. Why? I had to get my bill at least P1,000 (roughly $24.45)to get their membership card. Yes, another membership card.

L-R: Beauticard Essence (Nature Republic’s Membership Card), Fresh Farm Apple Foam Cleanser, Snail Theraphy 70 Cream, Snail Theraphy 70 Ampoule

Here’s my membership card. You get this with a single receipt of P1,000. All you get from it is a 10% discount in your next purchases, and no, you don’t collect any points for purchase. This one kind of reminds me of Skinfood’s membership card.

As for the others, I got them for free. I’m not sure which one I got upon joining and the other from my purchase of P1,00. In any case, I find the store very generous in giving such size of foam cleanser for free. I wonder if it’s any good.

That’s all for now! I do intend to post on the suncream I used during my vacation, but I got sick last night to take some swatches. >.<

4 thoughts on “Product Haul: December 6, 2012 (Nature Republic)

    1. Hi Jacque! For you to get a Skinfood membership card, you should spend P10,000 within 4-6 months (make sure you keep your receipts well!). Once you get to that amount, you show it to the Skinfood Mall store, fill up the application form and wait for 3-4 weeks for your card to arrive at that store.

      The difference with most membership cards of other Korean cosmetics vs Skinfood is that your name is embossed on the Skinfood membership card, that’s why it takes such a long time 🙂 But the perks you only get are they inform you if there’s a sale (but only to the stores you signed up your cell number) and a lifetime discount of 10% upon purchase of a normal priced item.


        1. Oo naman! Better safe with the original than risk it with online fakes. 🙂 And this way, I would really be acquainted on how real ones should be like, so I can truly distinguish it from the fakes. 😀 take note, you’ve got only one face for the rest of your life so take care of it. 🙂


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