The Face Shop: Clean Face Oil Free Sun Cream SPF 35 PA++ Review

So you thought I’d end the week without a post. You’re wrong.


One thing about holidays is that my projects seem to kill me when holidays are about to come, so I’d be too busy doing work. Too busy not to buy or do something holiday-related. Yes, I am part of the group who did a mad Christmas rush in bazaars and malls just because I haven’t got anyone anything 2 weeks before Christmas.


Enough with the holiday talk, let’s get to the review!


One of the things I brought with me on my 4-day birthday vacation was 3 items that protect me from the sun. One of them was The Face Shop’s Clean Face Oil Free Sun Cream.


Does this look familiar to you? This seems closely resembles their discontinued Quick & Clean Oil Free Sun Cream. They even carry the same SPF and PA category.


Will this be a good replacement to its elder sister?

The Face Shop claims that:

An oil-free sun cream that minimizes skin trouble.

On the packaging:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Blocks both UVA/UVB with upgraded formula that leaves skin feeling fresher and matte


They also suggest that this is for troubled skin but good for all skin types.


I got this from the mall store and it costed me P525 (roughly $12.54) for a 50ml of sun cream. It costs and weights exactly as its former product. I find the price reasonable (since there is no difference from the former line), but you might get it a tad cheaper if you purchased it off a reseller or really cheap from a friend or relative in S. Korea.


This came in a tube. This is good for those people who are particular in dipping their hands in their product. Just like any tube skin care, you might not get the most out of it unless you cut it in half. Ouch. On the bright side, it’s easy to identify if it’s time to chop it into half by raising it up against the light to see how much is left. What I like about the packaging is that it has a matte feel to it.


The sun cream is in milky white color. It smells a little like your average sunblock but mostly its signature The Face Shop scent. I don’t really mind the scent because I find it nice for a sun cream, but those who are iffy about scents may tend to disagree. The scent lingers for a while but then disappears after 30 minutes or less.


Once blended, you’d notice your skin having this very thin white film on you. On an average person and if you blend it well enough (better than me, at least), the film would be barely visible. This is good since most sun-related products tend to do that. You wouldn’t want yourself being seen with a white film on your face, with full-blown make-up, walking in the center of a business district.


I find this a tad moisturizing, so this is good news for dry skinned people! What’s more – it didn’t cause me any acne. Yay!


So is it all that good? Sad to say, it’s not waterproof. I swam and sweat a lot when I was on the beach, and moments later I find myself reaching for this again. And it doesn’t control oil production on face. It’s ok – it didn’t produce more though. 😀 Lastly, it did contribute a small amount of SPF. There are more products out there that carries a higher SPF protection reading.


One more thing, I noticed I darkened more in the face rather than any part of the body. Probably because I used this on my face whereas I used Sun Play’s SPF 140 PA +++ everywhere else.


Will I buy this again? Definitely! For one, I don’t see myself going to the beach all the time, so this can be helpful as a day-to-day cream. No white casts on my face and it smells darn good without causing me any acne. Hurrah! But for beach bums, well, you might want to think twice on getting one.



I frankly see this very, very similar to an old line.



For those interested with the ingredients, check them out below.  If you want with analysis, check it out here!




On other news, I finally got my Benefit’s Fast Train to Fabulous!!! So excited to use them. When our AVP saw the package (I asked my friend to get this for me, but when it came, I was on leave), she found the packaging really cute and wanted to take the mascara away. Hahaha! 

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