Random Thoughts: And because I want to share to you the beautiful Boracay

Just because I want to share to you the beautiful white sand beach of Boracay. This is were I went to with my family last Dec. 7-10.


I finally got my white dress and hat on the beach during a sunset photo! 



*This is a non-review post. Just pictures. Hope you like it!

**We’re not photographers, so photos are definitely not photographer-grade. 


Boracay is known as a party beach place. I went there with family, so we did none of that. Not even swimming. The only activities we did were:

  • Sailboat on a sunset (30 minutes),
  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride (2 hours),
  • Eat
  • Play on the sand
  • Rest in the hotel


7AM view of the beach


Where we stayed: Boracay Regency in Station 2, East Wing. Love this hotel because of its service. 


Frolicking on the beach


Wanted to go para-sailing 😦


View of the island where you’ll be before going to Boracay Island


A portion of Boracay Island (Station 1)


Oh yes, a food picture. Everything on this plate is grilled (Inihaw, in local dialect)

Still have more photos on various places on the island, but this should do for now. 🙂

You can still enjoy Boracay minus the party-ing. As long as you research beforehand what you can do.

I want to go back there again, but have more fun 😀

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