Haru’s Random Thoughts: Guild Wars 2, Please unsuspend my account

Lately, aside from being busy with work and all, I haven’t got the mood to write anything. I’m just forcing myself to do so.


And this is because of my suspended account in Guild Wars 2. >.>

Oh Guild Wars 2. I really want to play!

For those who don’t know it yet, I am a gamer. :))


*Warning: This is going to be a non-review, super random and rant post. So if you’re not interested, move on to the next or previous post.


Yes, my account got suspended. It’s been suspended for 2 weeks already. And it’s because they suspected that the card I used is a hacked card. Well, it ain’t. I even called up my bank to ask if the transaction is posted. They said that the merchant, ArenaNet, was the one who reversed the transaction prior to posting. GREAT. And now, my filed case is posted for review 3 days ago. Lesson learned, I should use the bank that is known internationally for a purchase such as that.


But what I don’t understand is that I use the same account for iTunes, and I don’t get any problems. See? It’s really mine!!!


ArenaNet, Please fix it soon. I really want to play for the remainder of my holiday vacation. I’ve already wasted 2 days already, waiting for you to get fixed. So, yes. My card is legit. The transaction is purely for my use. It is not a hacked card.Β And I am a darn good payer too.


And no, I don’t want to play Flyff PH nor Dragona. Not even try League of Legends or DOTA. I just want to play Guild Wars 2 and max out my level before my vacation ends. And I thought cases like this is your priority.



On the bright side, I finally got an iPhone 5, 64gb! Imagine my excitement. It was the last 64gb unit available. I was initially planning to get the white one, then shifted to the idea of a black iPhone would be better. Sadly, this white unit of mine was the ONLY one left. Unless I’m willing to wait for 2 weeks. No way. So I bought it outright. πŸ˜€ What should I do with my old iPod touch 4th gen? Not sure yet, perhaps lend it to someone so I can finally have an opponent for the Street Fighter App. Hehehe




On another topic, Sword Art Online finally ended last week. They ended it with Episode 25: World Seed. I feel bad that it’s over. I’m hoping they get the manga out soon, or create an English version of the Light Novel. I really want to buy them. Or better yet, release the new arcs in anime.




So, how was your holidays so far?





*For those who play GW2, I’m from Black Gate Server. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Haru’s Random Thoughts: Guild Wars 2, Please unsuspend my account

  1. Great blog, you have a nice writing style also. Very easy to read. Hope you get your GW2 account unlocked again soon (if not already). I am also addicted to the game!


    1. Oh, you are too kind, Justin. Thanks for dropping by!

      I’ve been reading the forums, and there are cases similar as mine. It’s just lucky that mine got reversed. I guess the best option for me to do now is to get a new account, and buy the cd. That way, I’ll get to play ASAP, and won’t get suspended for a “fraudulent” card.

      So from what server are you? πŸ™‚


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