Tony Moly: Mineral Skin-Fit Snow Blusher in #03 Rose Pink Review

Sorry for not posting as consistent as before. When the holidays are over, I will try my best to post more. 🙂 I have A LOT of leaves set for next year, thanks to my extreme overtime since October.

And my pile of unused make-up is getting bigger. Must use them!



One of the items I did show you few posts back was the Mineral Skin-Fit Blusher I bought out of whim. And I’ve been using this for a few months already.

Will this become a staple in my make-up pouch?


This is what Tony Moly has to say about Mineral Skin-Fit Snow Blusher in #03 Rose Pink:

Cream blusher with soft and outstanding skin-fit texture with lovely and lively color

  • The oligo mineral ingredients with rich soft focus effect and mineral of magic cover pigment provide sleek skin expression.
  • With the hydrogen bonding gel network, it has outstanding sustain-aibility and the extracts of green tea, jasmine, oolong tea, and persimmon leaves make the skin comfortable and relaxed. 

Wow, that’s a mouthful!



I got this for P378 (roughly $9) for 9g of a tube, which is not bad. But you may get it a tad cheaper from  friend or relative in S. Korea. Online resellers tend to sell this a bit higher than the one in the mall, so beware!



Why on earth did I pick this color? Well, this is the only one available. But there are 2 more colors out there. 🙂

This blusher only comes in tube form, so for those who are particular in touching their products will surely love this. But you might not get every last bit of the product unless you cut it in half.



Packaging-wise, I’ got attracted to the little snowflakes on the tube, with sort-of frosted look in the exterior. Perfect for the holidays. And since it’s so small, it’s easy to bring it around with you.

Upon dispensing, it produces this very bold rose pink cream. It has this subtle rose smell that lingers for quite a long time. Those with sensitive noses might need to think a little bit in getting this one. But as for me, I like the scent. I find it very relaxing and good. It’s not sweet and more on the floral side.

This is what it looks like if spread out. I haven’t blended it quite well. As you can see, it’s not as bold as it was when it was dispensed. It has this little shimmer on and gives a matte feel. This didn’t cause me to break out, but it didn’t do oil control. Dry-skinned may need to moisturize a little prior to applying.  The blush lasts 3-4 hours max, what you should normally expect from cream blushes. But shorter on a humid day. You need to reapply a little for touch-up. And yes, it is build-able. Considering all those, plus the scent, I find the blush ok.



But one downfall, it looks somewhat frosted on me. It makes me look like I have a subtle white film on my face upon application. Not good for medium to tan skinned people.



I honestly have mixed feelings with this item. It may be good for those with light, fair skin but those who are tan might need to think twice. I’m not sure with the other colors, (especially the #02 Salmon. Not sure with #01 Angel Pink) if it will change my mind. For now, I’ll move on to another blush.




I do want to get the #02 Salmon. But I haven’t seen this around the mall stores for sometime.




How about you? Will you be trying it out?





For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who would just want to view them less the analysis, check it out below.

And by the way, Tony Moly suggests that this blusher can be used within 12 months after opening. Cool! I bet I’d finish this by then. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tony Moly: Mineral Skin-Fit Snow Blusher in #03 Rose Pink Review

    1. Hi Aiza! Tony Moly has stalls in the malls. If you’re living in the Philippines and near Ortigas, they have this store in Mega A, just beside Beabi. 🙂 I know they have stores all over the metro. But if you don’t have access to them, you can locate good online resellers in Facebook or in gmarket. 🙂


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