Tony Moly: Floria Flower Energy Foam Cleanser Review

Before the week ends, I shall make a review. It’s been quite busy again since I started to go to work (when I should have been on leave). I will be moving my offsets to another date. Hehehe. And I’ve got plenty of them. My boss is being very biased with me and my plotting of my leaves. She tends to favor my other colleagues more over me. She’s very irrational and forgetful when it comes to my leave schedule. So unfair of her. And I don’t even know what I did to her to be treated this way. So good luck with me plotting my leaves.

Enough with my work-related woes, on to the review!



I did mention last October that I bought Floria Flower Energy Foam Cleanser because I was in search of a good cleanser. So I’ve been using this since November, along with Perfect Mirco Scrub Foam. And I bet it’s about time I share with you my thoughts about this.



Tony Moly describes this product as:

[Front Print] Youthfully radiant skin & blooming baby-face made by magially pure & clean effect of Floria

[Back Print] Foam Cleanser with its dual effects of cleansing and skin care provides vitality to tired skin

Directions: Apply an appropriate amount to wet palms and make sufficient foam. Apply to skin and massage. Wash off with lukewarm water and complete washing with cold water.


So with that, I don’t see how this will brighten my skin. Was it because of the “radiant skin” line? I wonder.


This tube cleanser is the cleanser foam of the Floria series. There had been so much push given to the Floria series in the facebook page of Tony Moly. All of the items in the Floria series is housed in a lavander container with nice flower prints on them. Fans of this color would surely go crazy when they see this. I also have to applaud Tony Moly for creating such good prints on the tube since the texts are still in tact despite of being used for more than 2 months.


And the price? A 150 ml tube of this cleanser costed me P448 (almost $11), which is not bad. This is given the fact that Tony Moly’s mall prices are rational as compared to the likes of Skinfood mall pricing. So imagine how much this will cost if you bought from a friend or relative in Korea.


When dispensed, the cleanser is of very light lavander color. My photo above doesn’t give justice to its actual color. It also has this bland, flat, synthetic flower smell. Those with sensitive noses might find the smell rather off. And I can’t blame you since I don’t like its smell.


As you can see above, the cleanser is not as foamy as your typical Korean facial cleansers. And while you massage this on your face, you tend to hate the flat scent more.


One thing that normal to dry people might like about this is that it doesn’t give you that  much of squeaky clean finish after washing, unlike the Korean facial cleanser norm. That might be bad news for combi to extremely oily skin people, and to people like me who loves that squeaky clean feel. On the bright side, this is a good cleanser for the dry months.


As for brightening, I didn’t really notice my skin brighten, but I did notice that my skin didn’t darken as much despite of the fact that I went to the beach. I also noticed that my skin looks less dull, even if I don’t do my tone and moisturize ritual. Lately I’ve been lazy too tired to do my regular rituals, so I just go with facial cleanser then acne cure/prevention cream.


This didn’t cause me acne, but that doesn’t mean it helped alleviate it.



Will I recommend this? For normal skin types and those who aren’t particular to scents, this is a good cleanser. But if you’re the type who can’t stand scents and extremely oily, look somewhere else. As for me, I’m not seeing myself purchasing this ASAP when I ran out, but I might give it another whirl in the future. I believe there is a better facial foam out there that will suit my needs and wants.




This cleanser isn’t that bad, but I’m not saying it’s all good either.




How about you? Will you give this a try?





For those who are interested with the ingredients, click here! But if you want to view it less the analysis, check it out below.


See how much stuff it’s made out of? It’s too much effort typing this down in my cosdna account and ensuring I got the spelling right.

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