Product Haul: January 17, 2013 (Nature Republic)

During my stressful moments last week, I purchased quite a number of items – both makeup and non-makeup related. I wasn’t suppose to pass by nature Republic, but I just had this feeling I should.


And it turned out they have a 50% off sale on selected items. As usual, I can’t resist!


Luckily, only a few items were left. Good thing for my pocket. Check out my modest haul after the jump.

I was only able to buy 2 items:

Blemish Lab Bye pore Concealer and Snaytox Mascara!


Yes, another concealer. As if i don’t have that much already. But… but… This one is different, promise!!! It’s more like a silicon primer than a concealer.


As for the mascara, I got it because I don’t have any mascara in my arsenal. Maybe expect for the deluxe size of Benefit’s They’re Real!



So why did the store have a sale? They’re emptying their old stocks so they can replenish it with the new one. But the expiry of these items are years ahead, so it’s still a safe purchase. Unless they opened it days/weeks/months before I bought it.




I surely can’t wait to use the concealer. But I better use my Benefit first. And that signature something from Missha. And my Maybelline.





On other items, since I do have acne thanks to stress from work + sleepless nights + pollution near our pilot location + time of the month, I was able to use the Blemish Lab Clear Spot Solution. For once, I am happy to have acne. Weird! So wait for my review about it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Product Haul: January 17, 2013 (Nature Republic)

    1. Hi Ghostitos! I Haven’t tried the concealer yet on my face/acne, but I did swatch it in the store. It’s extremely light colored primer. 😀


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