Sunplay: Super Block SPF 130 PA +++ Review

How are you everyone? I know, I know I haven’t been posting much reviews lately. My paying job is requiring more from me. But I’ve been trying a lot of stuff that will interest you behind the scenes. All good!


Since it’s still cold in the northern hemisphere, I bet most of you are thinking of your summer getaway – beaches, sun and tan. Add coconut trees in the background too. But before you hit the beach, ensure that your skin is protected.


And this is what I brought with me when I went to the beach last December. Look at that SPF and PA value!

Here’s the description for this particular sun block:

  • Highest SPF 130 PA+++ for long hour protection against UVA and UVB
  • Helps tp prevent sunburn and premature aging
  • Japan “Watery Liquid” formulation is non greasy. Its water-like texture is extremely light and smooth on skin.
  • Super water proof formula which does not require frequent re-application
  • Non-comedogenic (does not clog pores)
  • Ideal for long hour outdoor sports and water activities
  • Dermatologist tested


 But they also had it summarized into 4 items:

  • Emulsion
  • Super Clear Type
  • For Face and Body
  • Watery Liquid


  • Use as sunblock lotion alone or after moisturizer
  • Shake well before use
  • Apply evenly on face and body. Reapply as desired or after towel drying
  • Remove with facial cleanser

Application instructions:

The Ultimate Sun Protection in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Shake. Shake well before use.
  2. Glide. Glide the spout along your skin while gently squeezing the bottle.
  3. Spread. Spread liquid evenly on the skin



First off, I really was attracted to the high SPF and PA. I was able to buy this at Watson in Megamall. This was the last one on the shelf, mind you. I got this for P359 ($8.83). The bottle weighs at 35g. Yes. It’s small. That’s my first impression too. How the heck was this worth like this? But hey, this was the only sunblock I saw with an SPF and PA that high combined.


The sunblock came in a small red bottle with an orange twist top. It’s really small. What I love in the packaging however is the cute burnt cat in up front. So kawaii!


Once you twist the cap off, it will show you that the sunblock comes out from a quite short nozzle.



The sunblock comes out as a milky white, watery lotion. So that’s one claim that is true. As you can see, it slid down the back of my hand quite fast. As for the smell, it has this regular sunblock smell. Nothing special there.



Here it is spread at the back of my hand. It does produce this light white film on my skin. But if you can spread it nicely, then it won’t be so obvious. A little liquid goes somewhat a long way, so you doubt you’d finish the bottle even if there’s 3 of you sharing for 3-4 days.



When I was on the beach, I never used this on my face since I find the formulation of the sunblock a little greasy. And I was scared that it might clog my pores, even if they claim it won’t. So I tried it on my body instead. I have to admit that when they say they are super water proof, they mean it. I splashed around the beach (legs only) and swam that night for a few minutes. The sun block was still on me as I took a shower after swimming! And it was really tough removing it. You need a good cleanser to have it all off. Kudos to them for making such a water-proof item.



As for the SPF, I noticed the difference with my face and body. Since I didn’t use this on my face, I noticed that  the degree of skin color change on my face is more evident than the rest of my body. And note that I had a wide-brimmed hat and shades on.




Will I recommend? With a small amount that packs such a powerful punch, yes! It protects you well from the sun, in fact, probably better than those available now in the market. It’s REALLY water-proof, but if you’re into water sports, you may need to apply more than I did. But given its power, I’m quite afraid that it might be too strong to sensitive skinned people (or on your face), so if you have sensitive skin, you might need to patch test this first.


Even if I am at awe at this sunblocks performance, I’m still afraid on using this on my face.



This is a good buy for those planning to hit the beach this summer, or any time of the year for that matter.



For those who are interested with the ingredients, click here! But those who would want to see it less the analysis, check it out below.




5 thoughts on “Sunplay: Super Block SPF 130 PA +++ Review

  1. I have this but with old packaging (bought it 2 yrs ago). I used this on my face and while it did an excellent job of protecting my face from a whole day out in scorching sun, it broke me up 😦 Not severely but I usually got 1-2 pimples after using this. So now I’m using it for body.


    1. Hi Swanys! Thanks for dropping by. Sorry to hear that if broke you up. I’m really careful with this sunblock. The high SPF scared me to try it on my face. I do agree that it does an excellent job at protecting our skin though. 🙂


  2. Hello there,
    I have good experience with this product. Personally, I have a combination skin which is many sunblock doesn’t suit me well – will broken my skin (cause acne) but mentholetum sunplay did their job well. Its also protect my skin from sun burning while standing under the sun for long hour.

    But there are so many dangerous ingredient inside. The percentage might too small but still, I don’t recommend people with a sensitive skin to use this products.


  3. Good day! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Many thanks!


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