Nature Republic: Blemish Lab Clear Spot Solution Review

Sorry for being absent lately! Work’s been crazy. A lot has happened, and I’d do my best to make it up to you by posting 2 unique products. Well, at least for my blog that is.


Lately, acne had been a terrible problem for me. So terrible that I had to try new items so as I can prevent them from growing. It’s been stressful for the last few months and in it will again still be in the coming months.

I got this from my first Nature Republic haul. And I have to be honest with you on the fact that I have no background research when I bought this.


Will it help alleviate my acne woes?


Most of the stuff written on the box are in Korean, so I can only share to you those in English. So this is what Nature Republic has to say about this product:

This spot solution soothes uneven, irritated skin. 


Blemish Care/Pore Care/ Sebum Control


How to Use: Apply an appropriate amount to areas wit bumps and gently pat to enhance absorption


I got this from their mall store for P515 ($12.63 approx) for a 20ml tube. Not that bad. But they say that you definitely can buy this cheaper from S. Korea thru a friend or a relative staying there. In my country, its price range is at par with The Face Shop. Actually, Nature Republic does remind me of The Face Shop. Packaging-wise, this product is lovely. Its somewhat matte finish on the tube, plus a neat recycled feel for the box. It gives off this environmental, earth-friendly vibe without sacrificing good design packaging (hello, earthy feel in purple? unheard off!). And of course, this will definitely catch the attention of girls crazy over purple.


This only comes in a very long toothpaste tube form. Don’t let the really long cover fool you, since the snout isn’t as long. In fact, it’s short – same size as most tubed creams. One cool fact about this tube is that it can be stored standing right up. This is because of the tip of the cap is flat. Pretty neat, huh?


The solution is somewhat like a gel. It’s clear and scentless (or I just didn’t smell it), which makes this favorable to those with sensitive noses. It doesn’t roll down the back of my hand when I swatched this.


Upon application, it very clear and lightweight. Its somewhat moisturizing. It reminds me of The Face Shop’s Quick & Clean First Aid Gel, minus the flaky, peeling look. It’s rather cold/cool on skin, but I feel that this would be better if it was refrigerated.

On acne performance, it did well on those hard, red and painful bumps. It stopped its growth, and even decreased it back to none. For those acne who’s going to be a pimple, it did well too – stopped its tracks and reduced it to none within a week or two. It’s true that it may not work fast, but it definitely works well. Except on the full grown pimple with this white color. Yes, not much help for that acne stage. Another thing I noticed also is that I seem to not run out of this. A little gel goes a long way to acne busting.


Sounds to good to be true, right? What I did notice is that it doesn’t lighten or do anything on the acne mark (dark spot left by acne). Maybe perhaps it never claimed to do as such and it’s just my expectation?


Would I recommend this? If you are looking for a lightweight formula, non-flaky and no scent for your red bumps, then this is a good product to use. But on more serious acne troubles, pimples ready to pop and/or try to lighten pimple marks, you’d be better off paying for something effective in that department.


I will still keep on using this as soon as it runs out. But I still need my stronger blemish fighting creams on annoying pimples and the aftermath of the pimple. I might still buy this again, but I feel like I can get it better somewhere else.


How about you? Do you think this is worth trying out?


For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who’d want to read it on this page, see them down below.

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2 thoughts on “Nature Republic: Blemish Lab Clear Spot Solution Review

    1. HI Karen! Thanks for dropping by. I think it’s more of a spot treatment. If I’m not mistaken, Nature Republic has a primer version/concealer version of the same line. 🙂 Hope this helps!


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