Etude House: Follow me Tint SPF 13 in #1 Vary Pink Review

Good sunny day to everyone! It’s a good Saturday noon that there seems nothing for me to do. Which is so odd. I would like to go out and frolic somewhere – like eat in a good Japanese resto I’m eyeing at. Sadly, I’m stuck at home. So I decided to put in a review. Afterall, when was my last review?


In love, no matter how much you like the person but it seems that you aren’t a good match. And what’s left of you to do is to let go. And this is EXACTLY how I felt with Etude House’s Follow Me Tint SPF 13 #1 Pink.


A little background on this item. This tint came from the 2NE1 line of Etude House. 2NE1 is an all girl Korean band composed of 4 members. They are known to have fashion styles (and even music) that are bold, edgy and cool. In the photo above, I think that would be the silhouette of CL, the band’s “leader”. Their fashion sense is reflective in the item’s packaging. I find this packaging rather unique and not your typical princess-y design of Etude House.


Here’s what Etude House claims on what it does:

Follow 2NE1 lip styles with edgy & unpredictable color!

This cool, mint glossy stick goes on clear but changes color from pale pink to intense fuchsia and every shade in between, according to your passion.

Directions: Twist to dispense tint and apply to lips. 


I got this for a price of P298 ($7.05). Similar pricing and concept to the Miss Tangerine Follow me tint. Only difference is that this 2NE1 tint is it’s predecessor. I got this from a store a last year, and opened and used it only now. I highly doubt you’d see this in the mall stores, but maybe you can still get it in Korea, ebay or gmarket.



Like it’s successor, it came in a tube, which your typical twist mechanism. If you noticed, the stick is mint green. It has a scent similar to watermelon candies. I know, I know it’s weird and why in the world would you want a mint green tint! That’s where the “Follow me” portion of the label goes. It changes color upon application.


On initial application (not caught in cam), you will notice it’s clear and rather glossy. It doesn’t have the watermelon taste (aww!!!) or scent on the lips. But after 1 second, it changes color, supposedly according to your passion. On one swipe, it goes to pale pink – as it claims. After 4 or more swipes, up to a maximum number of swipes which I never intend to go after, it builds to become bold fuchsia pink. It also provides a glossy finish. Moisturizing is a must prior to using this. The tint tends to emphasize your chappy lips, so be sure to put on a good lip balm prior to this. Wear time is about 4 hours at the average, if you don’t drink or lick your lips.


Would I recommend this? Here comes the heart-breaker part for me – yes, to light colored lips or to light colored skin tone. This is a fun tint to keep. Actually, any color changing items are fun to use and keep. It provides a good finish and color pay-off, especially for younger users. Affordable and has this really cute packaging. But moisturizing is a must.



If it’s all good, then why was it heart-breaking for me? As you can see, pink and fuchsia pink liptints are color mismatches for me. I’m more into rose pink, red, coral (or even brown, violet) hues. You know how much I love color-changing lippies, and how I stored this well only to find out it’s a color mismatch. Sigh. Oh well. You shall be going to the adoption area.



For those who would want to see the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide any to you. However, you can see below the stuff written all over the packaging of the item.







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