Product Haul: February – March 5, 2013 (Missha, Nature Republic, Etude House and Skinfood)

I know I haven’t been posting lately – work, personal life, and health issues. Been sick for the past few days, and such a horrible timing too!

Since I’m sick, I don’t normally try new items. Most of my skin care is currently at HG items (except for facial wash, hehe!). Likewise to some make-up.


However, what I was busy to for the past few days was hauling items. Yes, hauling. And almost every week, I would get something off the store.


See what are my recent hauls!


Missha just opened a satellite store in Megamall during early portion of February. I actually went there on their first day/night. But only bought something a week after.

L-R: M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream in No. 23, M B.B. Boomer (sample size), Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream (sample size)

There were 3-4 items I want from Missha, but they’re just over-priced. So I got the M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream in No. 23 smaller size only. There are actually 4 shades for this, but the SA said I’m most compatible with this one. After the purchase, she gave me 2 samplers: M B.B. Boomer (some primer) and Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream. Thank you so much!


2 weeks after, I passed by Nature Republic. It was their second to the last day of the all items sale. I just HAD to pick up something. But when I came into the store, I was already caring a list.


L-R, T-B: Square hearts box, Ice Jelly Primer in Blueberry, Painting Creamy Eyes in 3 Gold, Ale Vera 92% Soothing Gel, Photoshot 3D Concealer in 23 Natural Beige, Nature Republic Folder

I got these because I read they were good, especially the Aloe Vera soothing gel. It intrigued me very much. Also, I’ve been eyeing on the Photoshot 3D Concealer for the longest time, and lucky me, the shade 23 (only 2 shades) was the last stock. And because I reached a particular amount, I got the plastic see-thru box and folder for free. Isn’t the box so adorable? It’s quite fragile that you might poke the plastic cover, so I decided to put tissue in it instead for my office desk. As for the folder, no idea who that is. And not a fan.


Few days later, I passed by Etude House. And look what I got:


L-R: Etoinette Heart Blusher in #OR201  Coral, Bee Happy! Anti-radiation sticker for mobile phones

Etoinette Heart Blusher! And the shade I was eyeing for, too. It was literally the last item on the shelf, and the store isn’t sure if it will be included in the next batch scheduled to arrive the week after. So right away, I purchased it. Etoinette is the Holiday 2012 line of Etude House, so I just had to get one before they discontinue it.


Since I stayed over my relatives’s place last weekend, we got a chance to pass by the mall since I am due for a haircut there. I knew Skinfood had a sale in that mall so I passed by the store before we went home. There were only a few items left in the store, both on sale and regular priced. As for the items on sale, mostly are the least popular skin care lines, and most of the make-up (minus their famous cheek choc blusher).


So I picked up Vita Tok Lipstick in OR02. It was on 50% off. I’ve always wanted this, but never wanted to pay the full price. I believe the mark-up for this item isn’t reasonable.


This week, I passed by Etude House again in hopes that they had a delivery over the past few days. And they did!


L-R: Etoinette Crystal Blusher, Cotton Puff 80 Pcs, Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips POR202, play Etude pouch bag (free)

I finally got the Etoinette Crystal Blusher! So happy! It was one of the 3 items left, and I so glad I passed by. I got the lipstick since I was eyeing on this one the last visit but needed to rationalize. Got so much lippies, you know. This lipstick isn’t entirely orange, like my Skinfood one, plus it had shimmer, so it was a good deal. I got the cotton puff not because I needed it, I was so near the next free tier (from pen to bag), so I got this to fill in. It was the least expensive and usable item from their selection. And yes, I got the play Etude pouch bag for free. So girlie. At least this is way better than that pen.



So there you have it! The items I’ve been using so far from these hauls are the BB Cream from Missha, Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from Nature Republic and Lipstick from Skinfood. They did overtake from my line of make-ups for review.


Speaking of items for review, I finally am going to use my Benefit concealer. It’s not a Korean brand, but so far I’m loving it! Especially their primer. So watch out for it. Day 1 of this set starts today. 😉



How about you? Any hauls lately? Which one do you like/intrigued about in my haul? Do share.

4 thoughts on “Product Haul: February – March 5, 2013 (Missha, Nature Republic, Etude House and Skinfood)

    1. haha! kataon lang. due to sale and i’ve been really longing for the etoinette blushers. but i won’t be hauling again for a very, very long time. maybe except when my facial foam, scrub, toner and serum runs out. 😛


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