The Face Shop: Lovely ME:EX Milky Tint in 01 Baby Pink Review

There was a phase in my make-up life that I simply loved milky tints. I loved them so much that I bought colors from various brands such as Peripera, Etude House and The Face Shop. It didn’t matter if I had duplicate colors across the brands (example: peach from Peripera, The Face Shop and Etude House). I absolutely love them.


Since I’ve reviewed on my Peripera Milky Tint, let’s move to The Face Shop.Do note that this is one of the 2 colors I bought from them. Meet The Face Shop’s Lovely ME:EX Milky Tint in 01 Baby Pink.


Let’s start with The Face Shop’s claim over this milky tint:

This milky lotion-type tint, with a moisturizing film made of milk and natural berry extracts, gently protects the lips without dryness or smudging while making them appear attractive as if tinged with flower pigments.

Directions: Dispense and adequate amount and apply smoothly to the lips, creating natural gradation by applying darker or inner lips and lighter toward the outside.


When I purchased this, the store had a promo. I only got this for P395 (roughly $9.43). I kinda found it a little expensive for a 4ml of milky tint. Maybe you can get it cheaper in S. Korea thru a relative or a friend, or online resellers. The mall stores has this reputation of giving high mark-ups for their items, you see.


Let’s go with the packaging. I found their packing really cute and girlie. The box was pink all over with tiny cartoon-y/artsy hearts. As for the tint itself, it is housed in a chubby tube with a frosted top (same height as its body) and a pink metallic body.


Inside the body, a doe foot applicator with a hole in the middle is dipped in. I do not see the additional benefits of having a hole in between the applicator. Aside from that, all is pretty normal.


Once applied on the skin, the milky tint is of bright pink color. It’s like fuchsia pink mixed with milk. The tint is rather thick and a little bit challenging to blend due to its consistency. Your lips doesn’t absorb this as fast as your average tints. And yes, the tint has a scent and taste. It smells like those cough medicines in berry scent (the good kind). It tastes like synthetic bitter berries too. Those with sensitive noses may dislike this at first, but the scent disappears once it is blended out.


Here’s a photo of it blended out. It actually comes out as a soft pink if blended well. This kind of color is good for younger ages, or peple with fair skin, Darker or warmer skin tones may need to think twice on using this. For people with darker lips, the color pay-off may not be good – as there’s really nothing on your lips. As for wear time, it merely last to a maximum of 4 hours (without drinking and all). Normally, you need to re-apply every time. This is the trend I see in most milky tints – they don’t really last long as compared to your regular liquid tints. Now, is it build-able? Kinda, but up to a certain degree. If I’m not mistaken it’s up to 4 swipes.



Will I recommend this? With the price, color pay-off, maybe not. This is definitely good for fair skinned, younger users. But I don’t belong in that area, so people who are tan and with warm undertones may not appreciate this as much. Unless, it’s your think to have a bold pink lips.



But, I really do adore the packaging. Sigh. Maybe I’ll do better with its peach counterpart? I do hope so.





For those interested with the ingredients, click here. But those who would rather read it minus the analysis, check it out below.





2 thoughts on “The Face Shop: Lovely ME:EX Milky Tint in 01 Baby Pink Review

    1. Hi Winnie! Thank you for the complement! 😀 I actually have the baby peach variant, but need to find the time again to write the review. 😀


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