Nature Republic: Fresh Farm Apple Foam Cleanser Review

Hi everyone. I know I’ve been very quiet in my blog lately. So sorry bout that. Been busy with work and Guild Wars 2 so much that I barely had time for writing a review. But I assure you I’ve been trying a lot of stuff lately. Plus a handful of backlogs of products!


I decided to post this today, because I recently had a mini-heart attack. I know I took photos of this post’s product review, but I can’t find it! I thought I accidentally deleted it. My recent most catalogue of product swatches are in my work computer, but the newer shots are in my house laptop. I tend to overwrite my house laptop after I update my work computer. But in this case, I seemed to have overwritten it. Luckily, I had a back-up. Phew! This has been a long introduction, so on with the review!



On my first haul in Nature Republic, when the store was only days old in Megamall, I was able to accumulate enough to earn myself their membership card. With this came a wonderful freebie!


Do all good things come in as freebies?

Nothing much is said about this product, so on with the review!


For one, I got it as a freebie in my first purchase in Nature Republic, I can’t really say much about it. And besides, it’s a sample product, given that it’s 60ml (I think). But most of the lower-end facial foams of Nature Republic, full size, is around P400+, so at leasy you’d have a rough idea.


Packaging-wise, I love how its made! A nice green apple in the middle, with its sticker on top of a white, flat tube. Even the cover is flat. The cover is straight enough to be stored vertically, with minimal to no effort. Which is good!



This, as most of the facial cleansers, came in a tube with a nozzle at the end, where the foam comes out. Nothing spectacular.


The foam comes out as a white with a green cast. It has a scent of apples (yum!) though sometimes it varies. There are times it smells too synthetic. I just don’t get why it’s so inconsistent with the scent. Not good for those sensitive to scents.


It lathers up quite nicely but not as foamy as my other facial foams. It has sometimes a lovely candy apple scent (which I like a lot), or a synthetic, chemical scent. Never a mixture of both. A little goes a long way, so much that this sample tube lasted me for a month and a half. I do use this in between my facial scrub and at times, too lazy/tired to wash at night.


It gives a little squeaky finish, which I adore so much from facial foams. If only it gave a little bit more of that squeaky feel.



Now to answer my question on good things come in free, well, apparently not. This little foam here isn’t a perfect match to the humid (very) weather in my country. I am quite sure it was the one who did give me pimples. Either that, or it didn’t prevent me from getting one from my stressful work life. It also isn’t good for oily and sensitive skinned people.


But, I did bring it with me when I went to Baguio with my colleagues last February. It did wonders to my dry skin, all thanks to the cold and dry mountain weather. Maybe good with dry skin? Also to add, my colleague also used it. She loved it so much she asked me where I got it and how much. Sadly, I can’t answer that questions since it was only free for a short time.



Now, will I purchase this? For a combi skin type person such as I, in a humid, summer weather, nope. I love apple scents but since its been playing around with sometimes apple, sometimes chemical smell, forget it. But those who live in drier, colder temperatures, this might be a good find for you.



I’m beginning to wonder if Nature Republic will be good to me in general in the skin care department. But I’m not giving up just yet!



For those interested with the ingredients  click here. But those who would prefer to read it minus the analysis, check it out below.



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