Majolica Majorca: Blood On Review

Hello! How have you been guys today? Right now, I’m feeling under the weather but with deadlines to keep, I can’t just lay down and rest.  Besides, I’m on my vacation leave for 2 days next week. Woo!


Despite of me being under the weather, I had to put something on my face to make me look less sickly and tired, and more healthy. The item I shall be reviewing today is something I went crazy purchasing over. Imagine, I bought 4 of these items (while most, I have given away).


Majolica Majorca released a limited edition line last year. Apart from their usual mascara (Lash King) releases and a perfume, one of them was the Blood On lip and cheek tint. I heard a lot of good reviews, and I noticed how fast (considering the price) this went off the shelves of Majolica Majorca. So I got myself convinced to grab hold of one (plus three).


Charming packaging, isn’t it?

I got my Blood Ons in Watsons for P495 (roughly $11.71)) which a little expensive for a 5g of product. The lip and cheek tint came in a tub, so those who are iffy in dipping their fingers in the product would hate this. 



Packaging-wise, the top cover of the tub is filled with gold outline of a lady with a rose and a lady with a mirror. Kind of reminds me of the queen in a deck of cards. Come to think of it, the line was filled with “royalty”-inspired items -from the King (Lash King) to the Joker. This is such a classy piece of item.


Hello bloody red! The tint is very red, but don’t fret. It’s not as red as it looks once applied. This has NO scent on it. Yay for people with sensitive noses!


Once applied, you can see that it’s very subtle. On the left, I only swiped it once whereas on the right, twice. This tint gives a rather matte finish, with minimal to no gloss. This isn’t hydrating nor drying, so you still need that lip balm of yours. It has a subtle reddish pink blush that gives you this healthy glow/flush of color and a my-lips-but-better look. Perfect for days you just want minimal make-up and still want to look healthy.


Two horrible things about this are: 1) Wear time and 2) availability. Wear time lasts only 3 hours tops in a well air-conditioned environment. So with this hot and humid weather outside, expect to see less from it. This is bad for those who would love a solid, less hassle, light make-up. Another is, Majolica Majorca slapped a limited edition over this item, so your best bet to grab one would be from online sellers or people like me who horded and stored them in a really nice place.



Will I repurchase? If this was not a limited edition item, yes. Thanks to the matte finish, which I love and quite rare from tints. It is scentless and tasteless, and gives the right amount of flush I need to look well, and the lovely design is a keeper. Price-wise, it is rather acceptable but sure do hope Majolica Majorca would lower it (since 5g for that price, not that reasonable). As for the wear time, I hope they can do better when they launch a similar product.




Boo for the limited edition tag! However, I wish they would re-launch this.






For those who would want to see the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you. Everything is written in Japanese!







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