Product Haul: March – June 2013 (Etude House, Missha, Nature Republic, The Body Shop and Benefit)

I know, I know. I’ve been so absent lately. So long hiatus in posting here! It’s not that I’m lazy. I’m so swamped with work for since April til June, with my long-awaited promotion is in jeopardy. It’s a make-or-break, so I had to allocate time.



But since I’m in somewhat calm waters right now (or burned out to do anything), I’ve decided to finally post. When I wasn’t posting, it doesn’t mean I’m not trying out stuff. I did try a lot of stuff (which adds more backlog than I already have). And I hauled. A LOT. Last haul I posted was last January, which makes such a good time to show my hauls since March til June.


March 25, 2013. Etude House Haul.

I went to Etude House and got:

Yes1 I got a lot of hair-related items. 2 packs (with 3 pieces each) of hair rollers, 1 pack (with 4 pieces) of Strawberry Sponge Hair Roller, and 1 pack (with 2 pieces) Hot Style Hair Tools Bangs Pink Roll. And with the purchase, I have a sample Nymph Aura Volumer and Precious Mineral BB Cream. Now what’s with the roller addiction? First, I don’t have rollers in my beauty arsenal. Next, I just HATE it when my hair goes fly-away when it hits my shoulders. My hair is mid-length and naturally straight (sometimes, too straight) except when it hits my shoulders. Why not go short haired? Oh no no no. Let’s not go into that.


What I do love so much from the bunch is the Strawberry Sponge Hair Roller. So cute and very innovative design!




April 12, 2013. Missha Haul.


I went to Missha and got: IMG_0009

Mostly Skin Care! The only items I bought were Creamy Latte Greentea Cleansing Foam and Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Formula. The Red Ginseng Sheet Mask, Super Aqua Detox Enzyme Oxygen Mask and MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream are just free testers. During this time, I was in search for a new facial wash and need to address my acne woes. I’m really starting to believe that my acne woes is related on my recent weight gain. And that’s not the only thing that transpires with the weight gain. Plenty more. So mental note: Healthy diet and exercise!!!


On the topic, the sales lady of Missha in Megamall even remembers me, so much that she’s so nice and very accommodating. She even remembers my last purchase, so she was more than willing to assist me on providing the best combination of testers to give out. Good job on service, Missha! Two thumbs up!



April 19, 2013. Nature Republic Haul.


Only a few days from my Missha haul, I went to Nature Republic and got:???????????????????????????????

Mostly Skin Care (hair and foot)! Professional Pro Keratin Moisture Rinse and Shampoo, and Professional Pro Super Aqua Hair Essence, Puff, Painting Creamy Eyes in #3 Gold, and Foot & Nature Foot Deodorant Mist and Smoothing Foot Scrub. The Collagen Dream Kit trial 4 was something I got for free. Another bunch of hair products! This time, my Etude House shampoo was running out so I had to pick a new shampoo for back-up (review coming real soon!). I also wanted to try some  nice smelling foot scrub and that mist just gives me so much curiosity! But my mistake was purchasing the eye shadow. I already have one of the same color! Ugh. Auto-adopt, anyone


If you’re going to ask me if I’ve tried them already. Yes! All of them, except the trial kit. So far, I am loving them. So review will be up once I get rid some of my backlogs.




May 16, 2013. The Body Shop Haul.


And I got:IMG_0017

Mostly make-up! Retractable Blusher Brush, Tea Tree Blotting Tissue, 4-step Smoky Eyes and All-In-One BB Cream #02 with a free The Body Shop foldable umbrella. One thing I love and hate about The Body Shop is their sales. They never seem to run out of it. I’m normally informed of  it since I’m a member. This time around, they had a buy one, take one and others, 50% off. So my real purchase are mainly the retractable brush (which I need!) and the smoky eye palette.


The only items that I was able to use out of this purchase would be the umbrella. But I did wash the brush, though!




June 10, 2013. Etude House Haul.


It’s a small haul compared to my previous hauls. But gotta hand it to them. Really cute and princess-y paperbag.


All for make-up! I got Foundation Brush and Water Color Blusher in #3 Apricot. I’ve been touching the blusher each time I go to their store, and when I saw that this was the last piece, I’ve got to have it! I’m currently trying out different blushers so I’m in this blusher craze. As for the foundation brush, when the saleslady in The Body Shop placed the BB cream on my face, she used a foundation brush. Sadly, The Body Shop didn’t have a sale on brushes, so I moved to a cheaper store near it – Etude House!


And up to this point in time, they still remained unused (but I did wash the brush!).




June 28, 2013. Benefit Haul.


Another small haul, all thanks to being overpriced here in my country.

IMG_0019Skin Care and Make-up! I got Hello Flawless in Natural Beige and Specialist Boo Boo Zap!. I had to buy the Hello Flawless because I LOVE IT. I am using my first set from Benefit, and really loving them. But one day, my Hello Flawless met an accident with a screwdriver. I was trying to pry it out of my kit and it met the accident. Purely my fault. As for the Boo Boo Zap, I have acne problems still (all thanks to weight gain), and it fits perfectly to make it enough to get the Benebabe membership card. I am so thrilled to get it, and still waiting for it to be processed, up to now.


Oh, and I had an upperlip hair wax, because I need a service too. They can’t do my brows since I go DIY with them. But maybe next time, they can do it (when I remember).




Oh my wallet. It’s crying out for help. I haven’t been buying in Tony Moly nor The Face Shop, just because I’ve got tons to try out yet. But what I’m eyeing next is Laneige. Still need to look for a nice item to try.




So that’s all for now! More posts coming soon. I hope real soon.

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