Beauty Credit: Lovely Powder Pact Matt in #23 Natural Beige Review

When I was back in Subic, I was able to drop by this Beauty Credit store (perhaps the only accredited Beauty Credit reseller here in my country). One of the items I picked is this really, really cute pact.



Meet my Lovely Powder Pact Matt in #23 Natural Beige.

This is what the Singapore Beauty Credit website has to say about this product:

Lovely Powder Pact Matt is light like air and gives a transparent natural skin look. The moisturising vitamin E keeps skin hydrated whilst the long lasting powder covers flaws and blemishes. The matt formula is ideal for oily skin.



A little is known about this brand as compared to other Korean brands on the same price tier. This costed me around P320 ($7.37). I’m not totally sure about the exact price since it was I think on sale when I got this. What I do adore about this the packaging. It has this horse cradle embossed on the pact itself that I find so cute! Also, for those who are sensitive when their tool touches the product would find this lovely. It has this plastic flap in which your puff can rest on, without touching the product when it’s stored away inside your bag. Neat, huh?


Wiping it on the puff, it produces this little brown color. I find the color rather strange since it’s relatively darker as compared to most of Korean product’s 23 Natural Beige. This is good for those tan skinned people, perhaps a tone or two darker than me (my skin tone in Benefit products is Beige). One thing I dislike about this powder, however, is the scent. It has this chemically smell going on. But you won’t notice it on your face.


On the back of my hand, it looks very loose. This is good at settling your make-up, but can also work as your foundation.


Here it is all patted and blended out. You can barely see it there! The back of my hand is a tone lighter than my face, but nevertheless, it still blended so well that you’d notice it’s barely there.



What I do love about this item is that it blends well (the natural, flawless look), conceals your red spots good (I had a ton due to acne around my lip, but it worked wonders hiding them!), and lasts 4-5 hours on a humid day. And do note I’m a combi skin type and it really stuck around. It also can work as your foundation or to settle your make-up. Plus, the packaging – it’s a total winner!




But will I re-purchase? Unfortunately, I don’t find myself reaching out for this again. My skin apparently is sensitive lately, and it did break me out a bit – around my lip,where I placed the powder. Maybe those who are less sensitive would love this. But for me, off to my adoption agency.




How about you? Would you love to have this around your make-up arsenal?





For those who are interested on the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide them to you. It’s in Korean!






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