Maybelline: Dream Mousse Concealer in Ivory Review

One of the items I bought way back from this megatrade hall sale was this very popular concealer, who was discontinued months back.


Yes! This is Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Concealer.


I’ve heard a lot of great things about this concealer. But before any of those, let’s see what Maybelline has to say about their concealer:

Dream Mousse™ Concealer conceals with an amazing air-soft feel. Air-whipped mousse texture feels lightweight on skin and builds opacity for settle-free coverage. Completely covers dark circles, imperfections and redness. Blends and smoothes away imperfections instantly. Oil-Free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested, safe for sensitive skin.


I got my pot of 3g concealer for P250 (roughly $6). This isn’t bad, considering I rarely finish my concealers. The concealer is house in a small,heavy glass jar. It looks heavy duty. If this was dropped on on your toe, it would definitely hurt!



For those who are particular with dipping their hands into the product would be very irked about this. But I have concealer brushes with me always so I’m safe. I know, the picture above rather looks like something awful, doesn’t it?


Here it is scooped out from the jar, using Etude House’s concealer brush. The concealer is very lightweight, and fluffy. So fluffy and soft, just like your hair mousse! And there is no scent coming off it.



I’m normally natural beige, so the color is still workable for me. Here it is placed at the back of my hand. You can see how much it has this air-whipped texture going on.




Here it is all blended out. It is rather easy to blend it down to the skin. Very lightweight, and natural looking. It does its job well at hiding my dark circles than my red spots. But still! It gives me the look that I sleep well last night (even if my allergies had given me a rough time). It also has a decent wear-time in this humid weather – 5+ hours! It also doesn’t cake (if settled correctly), which is lovely! Best of all, no breakouts!



There is nothing bad you can point at this – cheap, easy to use, lightweight, natural looking, good at concealing and good wear-time.




Bad part? It’s discontinued. Thanks a lot, Maybelline, for discontinuing such good product. 😦 For those interested, you’re better looking for it via ebay. Just be careful with fakes!



Since I have another really lovely concealer, this one will have to go to the adoption agency. 😦 Oh well. It would be nice to meet you again someday.




For those who are interested with the ingredients, click here. But for those who want to view it minus the analysis, check it out below.


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