Tony Moly: Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub Review

One of the most interesting products of Tony Moly that I kept on touching while I was in their store was the Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub. Why? See for yourself.



Isn’t it such a curious little thing?

This is what Tony Moly say about this item:

FRONT: Scrub, the color changing cream that takes care of message and keratin removal simultaneously

BACK: This scrub, with an additional massaging effect, contains the active ingredients of coffee and milk extracts, which work to remove flaky, dry, dead skin cells and impurities from the skin, while also providing nutrition to the skin. The warm sensation produced when rubbing the scrub on the face with the color-changing scrub removes impurities deep in the pores. The grains within the scrub makes the skin smooth and glossy. In addition, the ingredient of peptide supplies firmness to the skin and the ingredient of O2 Carrier Complex makes the facial contour slimmer.

Directions: Apply an appropriate amount to the face and gently rub until the color of the scrub changes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.


This is actually one of Tony Moly’s popular item in S. Korea. What really attracted me to this is the packaging. Isn’t it such a beauty? This costed me P578 ($13), for 80g of product. It is rather expensive consider that Tony Moly carries another scrub which is I think P100 (approx$2) lower. But I took the plunge since, well, it is rather lovely.


The scrub is housed in this mug-like container with a spatula (that looks like a spoon when in tact with the packaging). It even has this latte sticker on top to complete the look.


In order for you to open the container, you have to unscrew it. It will reveal the scrub inside.


Here’s what the scrub looks like in the jar. It’s really packed and looks like gelatin with beads.



Once applied, it is very thick and has a gel-like consistency. Aside from sugar-like beads, it seems like it also have coffee ground beads. For me, the winning trait of this scrub is the smell. It really smells like coffee which is a plus for coffee-lovers like me. Those who are sensitive to scent may or may not like this, depending on their preference to coffee.



Upon initial scrub, it turns int this white transparent film on your face and warms up a bit. Given that you have to scrub your face thoroughly, it eventually becomes translucent white on your face, and the beads being dissolved along the way. And yes, the sweet scent of coffee is still there. Unlike normal facial scrub, this one doesn’t lather that much, or at all. It also feels weird (glossy weird) on your face after wash, so what I do is I go to my normal facial foam afterwards.


Scent aside, performance is ok. Nothing to be crazy about. It does a good job at cleansing, but not much surprise. Did I see my face get slimmer after prolonged use? Nope. I only use this 3-4 times a week. At least, it didn’t break me out.




Will I recommend this? It’s good to try it one time, especially for those who just adore packaging. Performance-wise, it’s so-so. But the scent, love it so much! It feels very relaxing scrubbing and massaging your face at night. And this is all thanks to the scent. How about the spatula? I find it useless, and would rather dip my fingers into the mug (not good for those who are particular in dipping their hands into the product).





How about you? Want to try it out?



For those who are interested with the ingredients, click here. But those who want to view them less analysis, check it out below.






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  1. i got this product as a christmas gift. i still haven’t tried it out yet, but now that i read your review, can’t wait to try it out!


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