Etude House: Silk Scarf Hair Shampoo Review

There was a time early this year that I began realizing that I am purchasing so much make-up that I don’t even use (still got tons of untouched make-up stored away in my box). Likewise with skin care! So I started rationalizing my purchases. So I began buying hair care products. Given the limitation that Etude House here in my country, I was only able to get this.


Etude House’s Silk Scarf Hair Shampoo!

Nothing much is said about this product, so let’s jump right in with my thoughts!


When I went to Etude House, this was the last bottle available so I just had to have it! It’s a 300ml shampoo worth P448 ($11), same price as their OMG! Dry Shampoo, which I did review months back. This ain’t bad given the quantity since if you’re a single user with mid-length hair, just as me, it would last you 2-3 months. And it’s all thanks to this:

IMG_0101Yes, the pump. The shampoo came in the translucent pink plastic bottle, similar to the hair serum of the same line, but a lot more pink. It came in with a long thin nozzle pump. This is when I realized that pumping shampoo out save a lot more than shaking your bottle of shampoo upside down. This gives you a lot of control in the quantity you dispense. My mid-length hair (up to shoulders) only costed me 3-4 pumps (4 being too much foamy already). Plus, since it’s translucent, you get to see how much shampoo you have left. It gives you a very good estimate on when you can buy a new shampoo! Another plus for the packaging, you can reuse it with any liquid. The sticker label comes off, but you’d be left with a “naked” bottle.


As for the shampoo, it’s milky pink (think of milky tints! but more milky-er). It has this strong fake/toy floral scent. Not as lovely as the hair serum, but whole lot more synthetic. Those with sensitive noses might need to think twice before getting this shampoo.


As I mentioned in my previous hair-related post, I won’t be able to show you hair pics. My mid-length hair makes it extra challenging to talk photos, all by myself. So please bare with it.


When you try to lather it on your hair for more than a few minutes, you’d notice it foams really well. Among the popular shampoos I’ve tried, this is very foamy. And has a strong synthetic scent. It gets awhile for you to get used to it. And because I wasn’t able to locate the conditioner version of this,I was forced to use my old conditioner from Dove. Without conditioner, this makes your hair rather hard, considering my hair is thin and naturally straight. But when it’s noon, you’d see how much good it is – my hair doesn’t fly away, soft, not oily and still has the shampoo scent. With conditioner, it is even softer. Β And paired with the hair serum, it keeps it in place even more. So love this!



Now will I recommend this? For those who have straight, normal hair, why not? With the price, packaging and after effect makes the purchase such a good deal! But those who are sensitive to scents, dry and curly hair may need to think twice. It’s worth a shot, take this advice with a grain of salt. If you ask me if this is good for colored/dyed hair, I frankly don’t know. My hair is at its natural color since birth. πŸ™‚



Some say this shampoo has been discontinued, that I’m not sure. Last time I checked, it is still available in the Etude House near me. I might repurchase soon. I recently ran out of shampoo (yes! another opportunity!)



So,will you be checking this out? Let me know what you think.




For those who are interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who prefer to read it less the analysis, check it out below.


6 thoughts on “Etude House: Silk Scarf Hair Shampoo Review

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for dropping by. I found it a bit drying, but it’s all good for me since I’m slightly at the normal to oily side. But it’s still up to those people if they want to try it for themselves. πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks so much for getting back to me. As magical and good smelling as it seems, I’m afraid it would really dry my hair out. I’ll keep searching.


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