Haru’s Random Thoughts: iPhone 5 + Alcohol = ? (Part 1-Broken!)

Yes, you’ve read it right. My misadventure with my iPhone began 7 hours ago.

alochol iphone5

Pictures are searched from Google. These aren’t mine. 

And no, I wasn’t after for a clean iPhone 5.

How and where did it happen? Jump right in to find out!

Early this morning, I was cleaning something on my bed. Normal people, like me. places phones on the bed. In my case, my iPhone (a white 64gb iPhone 5 from Hongkong). I even sat on it while cleaning, so I placed it on my pillow. Then, I grabbed the alcohol, rubbed some on the tissue, then placed the bottle on the same pillow.


When I looked over my shoulder, I saw my iPhone drinking up some alcohol. My mind went blank. I quickly grabbed my phone, wiped some alcohol off the screen and hoped really really hard. When I turned it on from the stand-by state so I can turn it off, I saw some discoloration on the screen. YES. This was real. I wasn’t in some nightmare involving my phone and alcohol. First things first, I turned off. Then rushed out of the room to find some uncooked rice for my phone. I even woke my mom up since I can’t find any to fill the lock-and-lock container snug for my phone. There was this inkling for me to open it, plug it into my then open laptop, back-up my apps and photos, then shut it again. But no. I know it will make it worse.



7 hours had past, and I’m itching in opening it. My iPhone, still submerged into the lock-and-lock container, is sleeping peaceful. And I have Thursday to look forward to in opening it. And as if the world was against me, I am feeling under the weather (since yesterday, completely unrelated to the stress from the iPhone incident) and it was super traffic this morning due to an accident. Moments like this I would open my phone. 😦


Wait. How did I know about the rice? I love searching in the WWW. And I came across this advice. They say it works wonders to iPhone fully submerged in water. Some, not so lucky. And since I’m Asian – where rice is a staple – it was something easy to get given that I’m in the house when it happened. So I’m praying and hoping for the best for my dear unit. I guess the key there is what to do and how fast you do it. I hope I was fast enough to save it.


Another photo from Google. Nope, this isn’t what I did.

But I have a feeling (and rather confident), that it will be better. And I hope so too.


On the bright side, I still have my iTouch 4th gen with me, more time for sleep (current state: groggy from colds and slight cough). So, all hope is not lost. I’m still lucky, rather, very, very lucky.



Plus, I can afford to get a new one. But I rather not resort to that given the release of the new model is very, very soon. Still hoping and praying hard my iPhone will be ok. Please, please be ok.



Will update you what happens next in Part 2

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