Missha: Creamy Latte Greentea Cleansing Foam Review

It’s been raining here in my country for days! News said yesterday’s rainfall was like a month’s worth of rainfall. Hope the sun will come out tomorrow ( I lifted that off from Annie).


And since I have a few days off from work (not that I wanted to, but I just can’t go to work due to floods), it had given me an opportunity to arrange my files and finally come up with a decent review. Yes, tons of backlogs. Again. On with the review!



After a few tests of facial foams/cleansing foams from Tony Moly, I moved on to Missha. Tony Moly just didn’t cut it for me. I haven’t told you yet the deal breaker, but maybe on the next 2-3 pots, you should see it soon. So why Missha? Few months back, Missha opened up a satellite store in Megamall, which gave me an opportunity to try it out. And when I asked for what’s their best seller when it comes to facial foam, they gave me this.


Creamy Latte Greentea Cleansing Foam.

Housed in a big, white tube, the cleansing foam comes in 3 “flavors” addressing different issues: Greentea, Strawberry and Chocolate. The SA said, Strawberry is for whitening while Greentea is for skin troubles (which I was having, takes to my facial wash). I can’t really remember what she said about chocolate, but it’s something that won’t interest me in purchasing it.

Lifting off from the New Zealand website of Missha:

  1. Cleansing foam that contains Green Tea latte that provides vitality and nutrition while cleansing oily skin.
  2. The Green Tea latte provides abundant nutrition and controls the excessive secretion of sebum and oil to refresh the skin.
  3. Soft, smooth lather like latte moisturizes the skin even after wash off.


  • Contains 516mg of Green Tea latte
  • Green Tea controls the excessive sebum and cleanses oily skin.
  • Minerals, protein and daily fat moisturizes and soothes the dry skin.

Now, lifting off from the tube:

FRONT: Containing milk ingredients, it makes your skin clean, moisturized and nourished
BACK: Cleansing foam with green tea latte ingredients to make your skin clean and nourished

  • Green tea latte ingredients provide nutrients and control sebum secretion to make your skin clean
  • Rich lather like clean green tea latte helps you to enjoy cleansing and makes the skin moisturized

Directions: Apply an appropriate amount onto wet hands to make rich lather and
cleanse the face. Rinse off with lukewarm water.


A 172ml of cleanser was worth P499 (roughly $11), and it was on sale too – 10% off. I bet it costs 20-30% less if you got it from Korea. The mall store tends to sell with high profit. I got it in the mall due to convenience, but if you have the time to wait then, best if you will buy it from your online reseller.



Just your regular tube of cleanser. Nothing new or special. You need to squeeze the tube to get the foam out of it. But due to packaging, you need to slice it into half (which I did) in order for you to get the most out of the cleanser.


Once dispensed, it has a milky green color. Reminds me of a lighter version of wasabi, but less compact and more milky in color. It has this green tea/bergamot like scent. I honestly don’t like it, but it doesn’t make me sneeze. For those who have sensitive noses, you might think twice in purchasing this.


Upon scrubbing it to skin, the green dissolves and becomes more milky white. It still has the scent, but not very strong. As compared to your average Korean foaming cleanser, this one is not as foamy as you’d expect it to be. Hey, at least it doesn’t hurt my eyes!


After massaging and washing it off, you’d notice that it has this slight squeaky clean finish. Darn, and I was hoping to get more of that finish. The squeaky clean finish kinda makes me believe my face is free from all that sebum.

Did it produce me some acne? I think not. But, it didn’t prevent it from happening. It said it was supposed to control sebum, but it didn’t do much controlling. Sigh.


Will I recommend this? If you’re normal to dry (not extra dry!) skin, you’d probably love this. It doesn’t strip your face dry, cleanses and you only need a few to cover your entire face. For those with sensitive skin and noses, you might need to think twice.


As for me, I could probably get a better priced facial cleanser. This is not bad, but not what I was looking for. But, this is a good facial foam stopover.


How about you? Would you like to try this out?


For those who would want to know the ingredients, click here! But you just want to view the ingredients minus the analysis, check it out below.


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