Nature Republic: Professional PRO Keratin Moisture Shampoo Review

I reached into a point when I started to have a hair care craze. And this is part of my hair care craze purchase – Nature Republic’s Professional PRO Keratin Moisture Shampoo!


Here’s what Nature Republic claims about this shampoo:


Professional Pro Intensive Care Shampoo

This moisturizing shampoo contains the amino substance of phyto-keratin, which supplies nutrition to the hair, and the ingredient of flag iris which makes hair moist and healthy


Keratin shampoo provides moisture and nutrients to dry and damaged hair. This moisturizing shampoo contains the amino substance of phyto-keratin, which supplies nutrition to the hair, and the ingredient of flag iris which makes hair moist and healthy. This shampoo’s mild foam keeps hair healthy and shine by removing impurities from the hair.

How to use: Wet your hair and apply an appropriate amount to your hair. Lather and wash off with lukewarm water.


One day, I just decided to drop by a Nature Republic store. The SA said that this is their best seller. At first, I wasn’t really going to buy it. But when the SA said, there were only 3 bottles left, I jumped right in and got it, along with other items.

Priced at P495 (roughly at $11), it came in at 500 ml. And believe me, that this bottle lasted me such a long time – too long for my liking. However, it’s a little expensive for your normal shampoos unlike Pantene or Dove, so it isn’t really a good choice for people on a budget.

???????????????????????????????It came in a pump bottle, which makes it last longer. You tend to only dispense the amount you need, unlike regular bottles, that after pouring tend to get either too much or too little. These things get your preferred portion well. However, like any bottled items, you might not get every last drop, unless you fill it up with some water and shake it. The pump didn’t give me a hard time, which is loves even more!


The shampoo comes of as a opaque white viscous fluid, just like any ordinary shampoo. It is heavily scented – it smells similarly to Western salon shampoo! I guess it lives up to its pro name. It really feels and smells like you are in the salon, having “professional stuff” on your hair. Those who are particular with scents might need to think twice – the smell lingers long after a few hours of use (like till afternoon). And it does have this alcohol notes in it.


What I did notice something unique about this is it is not as foamy as your normal shampoo. Which I found really weird, so on the first few days I did dispense more than I would just to check and look for that foamy, clean feel.


Did it live up to its claim? Yes on the moisturizing side. I don’t have dry hair. But with this shampoo (and worse along with the conditioner), I noticed my hair is oily by afternoon. And even after rinse, you’d feel it s not dry, but quite clean. I also noticed my hair became for manageable/follows well when I was using this shampoo.



Will you recommend and re-purchase this? For those who have dry hair or experiencing dry weather, this is a good product for you to try. But for those who are the opposite, please look somewhere else. After I finished the bottle, I didn’t repurchase since I feel like the Etude House shampoo did better.



After this shampoo purchase, I did buy shampoo from another Korean product. Watch out for that!



For those who are looking for ingredients, click here. For those who would want to seek the ingredients minus the analysis, check it out below.


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