Missha: Super Aqua Spot Gel Corrector Review

It’s no big surprise why I’m having bad acne lately – weight gain, stress from all over me. And then comes testing of items to alleviate or prevent them from occurring.


One of the gems I came across with is Missha’s Super Aqua Spot Gel Corrector.




Here’s how Missha describes their product:

Spot treatment to control skin troubles

Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Formula prevents and controls various skin troubles such as redness and dull complexions with its unique formula
*Containing Azelosome and Salicylic acid effective in preventing and controlling skin troubles and treatment gel enriched with Quifolium extract, it creates healthy and clear skin while acting on trouble spot intensively.
*Mistletoe extract effective in easing and soothing skin troubles, calms your skin without any irritations

Directions: Apply a small amount on the trouble spot before and after makeup


Housed in a slim, green, cylindrical tube with a pump and a slim clear cap to match, a tube of Super Aqua Spot Gel Corrector contains 10ml and costs P1,200 (roughly $27). Do note I got it at 10% off! Insane price! You are definitely better off buying this from a relative or a friend in South Korea, or from a reseller. I got this off their mall store.


One thing unique about this gel is that its pumped is shaped differently from your normal pump. The pump itself is as long as almost half of the green tube. The nozzle is designed differently, that when you dispense some gel, it would be flat on the surface.  The place where you push the nozzle down is located at the back of the nozzle (there’s a contour at the back where you can place your finger). I dare say that the packaging is very sanitary and smexy. Unfortunately, the pump gave me a very, very hard time to dispense the gel for the first time. Imagine a frustrated me, pumping it very fast for 5 minutes or so. But after the initial pump, it goes out easily.

The corrector is  a transparent fluid that is somewhat like a gel – but less viscous. It glides a little faster than gel from the back of my hand. It has this slight medicinal/synthetic alcohol scent, but it not as bothering. However, sensitive noses may dislike this.

IMG_0059A little dot goes a long way, so do regulate when you pump stuff off the bottle. So how did I use this? I used this twice a day, for a month on my acne spots. It feel cool/cold on skin upon application, but comes off after a few minutes.


Did it remove my acne woes? Yes and no. For those red, hard  and painful bumps, and those who are growing to be a pus-filled pimple, this do less from it. I say Nature Republic’s Blemish Lab Clear Spot Solution is way better in these areas. Missha’s took almost too long and not much improvement to stop the pimple from growing into one. However, on those pus-filled pimples, this did well. Very well. It aided in the faster healing, especially those who you popped and those that after popping, plans to still grown on your face. Which is loves!


Will I recommend this? This is in fact my go-to product on the occasions I mentioned above – its scent is tolerable, cool on skin and does wonders on my white pimples! Those with dry skin and sensitive noses might want to think twice from purchasing this due to the fact that it dried out the spot a little, and it has this medicine/synthetic scent. And to top it off, packaging is lovely! I just hope to get it WAY cheaper from online resellers.


In any case, I still love this and use this when needed. But as much as possible, I prefer to stop pimple from its tracks than let it heal faster.


How about you? Love this product or just the packaging? Share it below!





For those who wants to see the ingredients, click here! But those who want to view the ingredients minus the analysis, check it out below.









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