Skinfood: Vita Tok Lipstick – #OR02 GrapeFruit Tok Tok Review

I haven’t been discussing much on my favorite brand when it comes to Korean Skin Care and make-up. So let me put up one.


Meet my Vita Tok Lipstick from Skinfood!



And I bought it at 50% off from the mall too! 🙂

Here’s how Skinfood describes their product:

Create watercolor lips with these shiny and bright water colors that burst vitality!

Vita Tok Lipstick adds vibrant color and shine for kissable lips.


This lipstick is housed in  red orange plastic tube. A stick contains 4.5g of the product and costs P995 ($23), but since I got it 50% off, it only costed me P497.50! I believe that 50% off price is somewhat near the real price in Korea, so you’re better of getting this thru a relative or friend in Korea or a reseller. Skinfood in the mall here in my country really puts a big, unreasonable mark-up on their products – even if I have my membership card, it’s still too much!


Of course Skinfood doesn’t let any of their product out of the factory without their signature cherubim on it! As you can see, the logo is found at the tip of the cap of the lipstick. This lipstick kinda reminds me of those girl toy lipsticks due to its packaging. Even the white text on the cover fades, just give it an ample amount of time.

There are a handful of colors from the Vita Tok line, but I chose OR02 since I was looking for a nice coral/tangerine/orange lipstick. This is scented – it smells like grapefruit. It reminds me of those powdered candies we used to eat when were younger from a corner store which is worth more or less P5. I find the scent light and sweet, so those with sensitive noses might not find this iritating, unless you smell it off the stick. As good as it smells, it doesn’t taste as good. It still has this grapefruit taste, but make it bitter.???????????????????????????????On application, it is very subtle. It complements those with the medium to tan skin color, but you need to rub more to get more color. This is perfect for those day occassions wherein you don’t spend too much time out. It’s a perfect sprint to summer color and if you don’t want to capture much attention. The lipstick is slightly dewy on me, and I find it moisturizing (it doesn’t crack my lips after application). However, you still need to put a good lip balm under since this slightly emphasizes cracked lips.


Wear time is around 4-5 hours, which is not bad since it didn’t promise any weartime. Don’t make promises that you can keep!


Would I recommend this? Given the price (if you buy it from a reseller or in Korea), the color payoff, packaging and the smell, I will give it a go. But if you’re looking for some serious lasting matte lipstick, you might opt to look elsewhere.


As for me, this is a keeper. Perfect for any day that I need a quick pick me up, but would want to skip the reds and pinks.


I just love coral lippies!


How about you? What are your thoughts? Would you try other color from the line? Share your thoughts below.




For those who are interested with the ingredients, I’m sorry, but I can’t provide them to you since this product didn’t came with one.





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