Haru’s Product Haul: August – November 2013 (Tony Moly, The Body Shop, Benefit and Shu Uemura)

Off blog, work has been strenuous. So strenuous that I don’t get a chance to post.


And I even didn’t get to celebrate my birthday that much. I didn’t even feel the Christmas cheer, except the sale, Christmas rush and the cold breeze. Sigh! I NEED a break.


And because of my stress, I have been taking advantage of the sales. Yehey Christmas Season!


Tony Moly started their sales quite early. At the last day of August, I was able to haul this!


L-R: Goddess Aura Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream SPF 37 PA++ , Pure Aura Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream SPF 30 PA++

A 2-in-1 package. Lovely isn’t, it? I always wanted to try CC Cream, but not in big packaging. I rarely finish my make-up.


And of course, The Body Shop loves to pamper their customers. Meet my haul last October 20.


L-R: Sweet Lemon Hand Cleanse Gel, Honey Bronze Bronzer #1, Honey Bronze Lip Nectar

Why did I buy this? First, it has been my dream to own the bronzer. And I just loved the lip gloss. For the hand sanitizer, that’s out of whim.


On November, that’s when I hauled big. When I say big, I meant big in value.

Benefit: November 11 (Advent Calendar with 24 surprise beauty treasures)


The first time I saw this from a famous make-up blogger, I instantly fell in love. I HAVE TO GET THIS. But living in Asia, this might be hard to find. And true enough, it was. Here in my country, this is sold to only 1 store. Yes, 1 store in the entire metro. So I made sure I went there. and I did! This baby costed me P3,700. This isn’t bad because I am getting over 24 products, even at sample sizes, since I get to try a lot. And it’s not yet too late to get one even if tomorrow’s Christmas eve! Perfect gift for make-up enthusiasts!



Shu Uemura: November 21 (6 Heart Princess Limited Edition Tints)


L-R: Heroine Rose, Princess Coral


T-B: Depsea Hydrability Moisturizing Lotion, Depsea Hydrability Moisturizing Cream

I fell in love with this when I saw the advertisement. The Japanese really out done themselves this time, just for a high-end make-up! Thank you so much to the lady over at Shangri-la for giving my friend and I lotsa freebies!

They just outdid themselves this time. A music video for the make-up?!?! AND sung by Hatsune Miku! I even purchased this song from iTunes and part of my tracks when I go to work. So catchy! Pink or black, Henshin my style! 

I can’t wait to open my Advent Calendar! But I resolved myself to patience. I decided not to tear the doors, but open the back portion. This is so I can reuse the calendar. However, I can only reopen the back 4x. So that’s after 6 days. Which I failed. You really have to tear the doors to open it. So this is the reason why  I hadn’t opened any since after I attempted to remove the back portion (when I finally had the chance, but failed miserably!), and when I saw that you have to tear it open, boo.


Christmas vacation is never complete without my online games!

And yes, I bought some credits for my FFXIV ARR (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn)! Getting ready to play for the holidays. They had this major update recently (3gb worth!). So excited to check it out. 🙂 And my GW2 (Guild Wars 2) account is about to turn 1 year old this end of December! Yay freebies!


So there. I did try a lot of my make-up stash but I don’t have the time to create a post. Actually, this post was intended for December 3, but yeah, I was too darn busy. >.> I am actually in the process of writing 2 fics, 3 light novels  and a ton of drawing backlogs. SIGH!!!! Crazy, crazy backlogs! This is on top of my blog backlogs also and work-related items. Le sigh!


In any case, Happy Holidays guys! Enjoy the holiday weight gain!


Green Christmas over in my country

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