Tony Moly: Goddess Style Berry Berry Lovely Stick in BELS02 Mandala Beige Review

Happy New Year guys! So back to work, you corporate slaves! *Evil laugh* Seriously, how were the holidays? I bet majority of you are too slumped to go back to work. I know the feeling. I didn’t get my break off the holidays except the days when it was declared as no work. And mind you, I had OT! I’m complaining because those days could have been put into good use by just staying home and spending time with my loved ones. I don’t get extra pay for OT, so that you know.


Months back, I had purchased this item just because it was sale. I know, I should have saved my money, but I couldn’t help it. I had to get this because it was packaged so darn good and it was on sale! ??????????????????????????????? Meet my Goddess Style Berry Berry Lovely Stick in BELS02 (Mandala Beige). Here’s how Tony Moly describes their product:

Contains high glossy polymer, skin friendly oils. This lip stick is semisolid type, so it has a nice adhesion. High purity coloring and prous ball-shaped powder holds the lip color for long while. How to use: Everyone has different lip color, applied color would be different to everyone. Using concealer before applying this product, applied color and rouge color will be more similar.


It also has 8 shadesand comes into 2 packaging variants:

  • Shades in Pink Packaging: PKLS05 Blossumpink, PKLS06 Redpink, ORLS03 Orange, PKLS02 Pink Girl, PKLS03 Floral Pink
  • Shades in Green Packaging : RDLS02 Appleberry, RDLS03 Cherryberry, BELS02 Mandala Beige (which is mine!)


It comes with a box, and shaped just like any ordinary lipstick. But instead of it standing up at the base of the lipstick, it stands up at the base of the cover, having this ribbon at the base of the lipstick. I love totting this in my bag since it looks so cute! The flower print doesn’t fade off easily, so which is another plus. I got this in their mall store  for P189 ($4.23) and this was at 50% off. Not a bad deal.


As for the stick, it’s rather glossy and has shimmer.


Upon application, it does have shimmer! It applies smooth on the lips, doesn’t emphasize dryness or crack. It’s actually more of a gloss than a lipstick. When the sun hits your lips, it gives this nice effect (plus put on a smile!). Oh, and it has the berry scent. It lingers there for a while. Good for people who loves scent but not so good for people who dislike or sensitive from them. Downfall: It has a bad wear time. It rubs off easily when you eat and drink. It wears around 2 hrs on the average. You’d probably be wondering why I picked beige. It may sound so weird but I love shades like this! It doesn’t grab much attention (no offense, but I’m really not an attention whore when it comes to putting on make-up). It makes me look simple, neat, approachable. It gives this my-lips-but-better look. On lazy days (which I am mostly on make-up), I only would wear lip and cheek, and this goes perfect with my lazy look. What’s better – it goes good in any type of weather – cold or sunny, it’s lovely.


Would I recommend this? For those who are not avid fans of make-up, this is a good pick. It’s subtle, smells nice and doesn’t dry lips. It is also a nice item to bring with you due to packaging.But for those who look for long wear, better pick up another product.


How about you? Would you like to try this out? Share your thoughts!



For those interested with the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide them to you since mostly are written in Korean.







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