Tony Moly: Herb Flavor Body Cream Review

Another workday morning. Sigh. But before I get my work morning started, I would like to share with you another product I tried.

I have dry skin all over except on my face. So I need extra moisture when it comes to body care. So when Tony Moly was on sale, I picked up Herb Flavor Body Cream, hoping it will provide enough moisture my skin needs.



Nothing much written on the product (since mostly are in Korean) except:

Its refreshing fragrance of the nature gives the users a mind of peace, maintains their body and skin well-moisturized.


Just what I need! Moisturizing. Actually, my mom was the first one to try this out and she liked it since it did provide her the moisturizing less the cost compared to The Body Shop. I was able to pick this up from their mall store for P348.6 ($7.78), on sale. Not sure if it was 30% off. I find it cheap given that there is 135 ml of product inside. The lotion is packaged in a sort-of spherical tub. It’s not as edgy as a cylinder but definitely not as rounded as a sphere.

???????????????????????????????Upon opening your tub, you’d notice that the cover is separated from the lotion by this plastic cap. I find this convenient since the lotion wouldn’t stick to the unreachable edges of the cover, which can be inconvenient, and you get the most from your product.


The lotion is milky white with a small amount of green on it. For those who are¬†particular with touching their product with their hands, they might still find the packaging off since you need to dip your hand to get some lotion. On the flip side, you can still reuse the packaging once you’re done with it.It is highly scented – it smells like perfumed herb, and very chemical. For those with sensitive noses, you better think twice before getting this product since the scent lingers for a long time and it’s rather strong. I kind of like the scent – I find it pleasant and relaxing.



On skin, the lotion is very, very thick. Its consistency is thicker than your normal lotion. But a small amount of this cream is all you need to quench your thirsty skin. I do find this very moisturizing but it takes a while before it is absorbed fully. If you’re familiar with the body butter of The Body Shop, this is actually thicker and takes longer to absorb. It also sticks on clothing and other fabrics. After I used this, I would stick around before sitting on my bed since I don’t want it on my bed sheets!



Would I recommend this? This is perfect for those chilly months especially what we are experiencing now in the northern hemisphere. You need the moisture that you can get. But on sunnier and warmer days, this is something you’d rather skip. It is very thick and isn’t absorbed easily by the skin. And it has a strong scent. This might not be so good on the arms since you get to smell them more from your arms, but I find this really good on my extra dry legs! However, what good does a body cream do when you get to apply it only at the lower half of your body?


I didn’t actually get to finish this tub. My special someone hated the scent, especially when we are in the car – it makes him feel sick.


How about you? Would you like to try this out?



For those who are interested with the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you since it’s in Korean.


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