Too Cool For School: Rules of Pore Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser Review

Because I came home late (12MN late) from another OTY, I feel like my head is in the clouds right now. I have a slight headache at the left side of my head, my allergies are driving me nuts, and I am sleepy. I just wish I could go home early and do more important stuff (say, catch up with LIFE perhaps?). Apparently, time spent on work is not directly proportional to sem rating.


Enough with the rant. On with the review! This will be my first Too Cool For School product review. Why did I buy this? Because the SA told me so! And I needed a nice facial cleanser that time, so why not give this a try?



Meet Too Cool For School’s Rules of Pore Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser!


Not much is said about this product, but I grabbed this description from Korea Depart:

  • Contains abundant mineral and maintains its moisture after cleansing.
  • Tiny bubbles cleans skin carefully.
  • Morocco Ghassoul, the natural ingredient certified by Eco Cert Cleans pores and maintains moisture
  • Has Papaya Extract, Hollyhock Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, English Ivy Extract, Magnolia Bark Extract, Green Tea Extract, Orange Extract

How to use: Pump the product and create bubbles. Apply it all over your face. When make-up is cleaned, wash it with tepid water and apply the skin-essence-cream. 


All of the stuff written in the packaging are in Korean, so I would have to with the description above.


The facial foam comes in a tube with a paper packaging loosely wrapped around its length. I got this from their mall store over at SM Mall of Asia for I think P519 ($11.59) for a 150ml product. I’m not sure with the price since I bought fairly a lot from the store, but I think you would get it 20-30% cheaper from a friend or relative who lives in S. Korea. The size isn’t bad since you get a lot from just a tube.

I find their store rather creepy as compared to the likes of Etude House (princess-y and perky themed), Skinfood, Nature Republic and The Face Shop (earthy feel), Laneige or Tony Moly (ala-Clinique type). Too Cool for School was rather dark and creepy – they have dolls with no clothes and a LOT of their body parts scattered within the dim store. Most of their background color was black/brown. It’s a nicely designed and neatly arranged store, but you know, dolls and me don’t get along.


Oh and a little fact: Too Cool For School is actually a relatively new brand in S. Korea. Here in the Philippines, they have around 2-3 stores (as of this writing). They also have some nifty items such as the brush cleaner and this facial mud pack mixing bowl and materials.


Nothing different nor special from the tube. It’s just like your regular facial foam tube with a pop-cap end. You need to squeeze the tube to get the product out, just like toothpaste.


Upon dispensed, the foam is a milky white with mocha color. It has a scent, and it has a hint of alcohol and chemical scent. For those with sensitive noses might dislike this. The smell lingers a little stronger as you massage it around your face.


The foam does not lather as much as your typical Korean facial foam. But don’t worry, a little goes a long way. It doesn’t have any beads or whatnots in it – it’s just purely foam.


After washing this off, I don’t find my face having the squeaky clean feel, so good for dry skinned people. But it doesn’t feel moisturized too, just clean. I’ve actually used and finished this tube, and it didn’t break me out. That’s good, right? But it didn’t prevent me from breaking out also. Basically all it does is cleanse and keep your facial moisture. However, it does well in removing some make-up which is a plus. I also noticed my skin brightened a little.


Would I recommend this? This is a good product to try, if you want to be introduced with Too Cool For School. It doesn’t hurt my eyes, nor break me out (but doesn’t keep pimples at bay). It has a chemical scent, but doesn’t bother me as much. It also doesn’t strip you out of moisture, and overall, it’s not so bad.


How about you? Would you like to try this? Are you intrigued in going into a Too Cool For School store? Share it below!


For those who are interested with the ingredients, sorry but I cannot provide it to you since most of it is in Korean.



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